Saturn Return Reading

Saturn Return Reading


A Saturn Return reading with Tess is a 90 minute session either over:

  • Phone call

  • Facetime audio

  • Zoom chat

  • Twitter dms

  • Email

As the client you can make your preference known to Tess by the time contacted. You will also need to provide your birth information (date, location and time of birth). By looking at the exact return of Saturn, Tess can extract themes related to:

  • Career

  • Finances

  • Love/Relationships

  • Sexuality

  • Bodily and Mental health

  • Learning Styles

  • Interpersonal dilemmas

  • Emotional health

The biggest goal with these readings is to provide clients with proper tools for self care. Tess also wants to let clients know that these readings are a safe space. Meaning, Tess will not disclose any personal information of the reading, allowing full disclosure of the client to inform of any issue under the sun.

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