Expanded Chart Chart Reading

Expanded Chart Chart Reading


A chart reading with Tess is a full video recording going over important aspects in the birth chart. This includes planetary placements, aspects, and small transit analysis. The recording will be delivered via dropbox or google drive. This is the expanded version so it will include much more information

By the time contacted you will be provided a link to schedule via acuity. As a practice, astrology is an excellent tool for self realization and adopting tools that can be beneficial to achieving adequate personal wellness. As an astrologer, Tess uses a practical application of astrology. They hope to make their clients feel understood, that they are not a lost cause, but only a work in progress.

Readings with Tess engages your chart from a large picture lens. Meaning, they will not go over each placement like a recipe book. People can google what their placements mean individually. Instead, Tess prefers to grab a synthesis of the chart, and pull your astrological information to tell you about:

  • Self esteem issues

  • Trauma

  • Boundaries

  • Sexuality issues

  • Gender

  • Friends and family

  • money/financial issues

  • Career and opportunity

  • Bodily and mental health

  • Learning styles

  • Interpersonal dilemmas

  • Emotional health

The biggest goal with these readings is to provide clients with proper tools for self-care, which can be extracted from so many spots in the chart itself. Tess also wants to let clients know that these readings are a safe space. Meaning, Tess will not disclose any personal information of the reading to anyone, allowing full disclosure of the client to inform them of any issue under the sun.

If you happen to fall under the queer and trans umbrella don’t worry! Tess offers specific readings that can engage your birth chart from a queer lens and provide advice for those areas as well. Upon being contacted, Tess will give you a primer to the session which will include:

  • A link to schedule the appointment

  • An opportunity to list specific issues/topics you want discussed in the reading (if you are a queer and trans person interested in a reading from a queer lens this is where you will specify)

  • Any other recommendations (i.e. if you have disabilities that prevent an audio recording from taking place)

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