Horoscopes 5/13-5/18


Let your horoscope validate you. Not everything will stick out at you; we are humans and complex. However, if you do happen to stumble upon a truth or an opening make sure to highlight it, stamp it---do whatever is needed to remind yourself. Weekly horoscopes can be read from your Sun and Rising sign. Some who have night charts may also want to read from your Moon sign. There is no technical way to interpret your horoscope. Just do whatever works and feels most intuitive for you.

May 13

Sun Trine Pluto 11:07 PM EST

There is a powerful surge towards recovery and getting to the root of our dilemmas. This is not an easy process. You may even feel a pull of anxiety but the anxious response may be due to the perception of threat, or a detector that you’ve returned to a (coincidentally) similar uncomfortable situation. Your feelings have no basis in fact. Likewise, your feeling are still valid and an important tool to understand your inner and unspoken world. Work with your feelings. You may uncover a powerful experience within them that can lead you to a path of healing. This is a time of strong will and strategy. You know you need to do better and this transits will support a way that you can break bad repetitive behaviors.

May 14

Venus Sextile Mars 9:58 AM EST

Aside from the sexual energy of this transit, this is a fruitful time for creation and artistic activity. The need for beauty and inspiration will work harmoniously with the need to act. You may want to put on a performance or pursue your own desires and pleasures. Good news, these will also be reciprocated by the person of interest. But if you’re riding solo this is a good opportunity to express gratitude to your body.

May 15

Venus enters Taurus 5:45 AM EST

The planet of beauty enters domicile in the sign of Taurus! Our ways of affection and expression will feel more grounded in the material. We may want to pay more attention to our finances and be somatic with our recoveries. Pay attention to your sensations and place in the material world. This is not the time for avoidance. To feel more connected to others (as Venus enjoys) we need to be embodied. As Venus links up with Uranus we may want to pursue art and creation in more sustainable and accessible ways.

Mercury sextile Neptune 9:20 PM EST

We may feel our sensitivity and awareness expand beyond ourselves. This is a time to pay attention to nuances and explore our creativity beyond just practical ways. We may want more out of the world and color it based on our imagination. This is perfect timing to make a charitable donation or an act of service. Allow your mind to roam elsewhere but remember, in moderation.

Marrs enters Cancer 11:00 PM EST

The planet of action enters fall in the sign of Cancer. This is not a time to travel with self interest. Mars in Cancer asks us to consider those we identify with and ultimately those we consider family and how we can move forward. Mars works to separate so we may be redefining what this connection amounts to and hint: it may not always be determined by blood. You may be irritable and reactive but not so much active. Use your energy constructively.

May 16

Mercury trine Saturn 7:08 PM EST

This is a great time for  clarification regarding any disputes or confusion. You may be entering important contracts and this will help fine comb any details of importance. Your mind will be constructive so use this time to be organized, get your schedule in check and finally clean up the house.

May 17

Mercury Trine Pluto 1:48 AM EST

Don’t be looking for evidence in situations that have already past. We thrive for proper resolutions but this will only lead to hurt feelings and compulsive habits. Set boundaries within yourself and set a demarcation line with your relationship to the online and information world.

May 18

Venus Conjunct Uranus 12: 16 PM EST

Uranus linking up with Venus will allow us to build and cultivate more sustainably and innovatively. This is all about replenishing our connections but it will also lead us to act off the grain, and pursue connections that may seem weird or socially strange. This could also lean into bad financial and romantic decisions.

Full Moon in Scorpio 5:11 PM EST

This full moon will take place in 27 degrees and 38 minutes in the sign of Scorpio. The Full moon will illuminate what has been bubbling underneath the surface. Take this as a warning: whatever bad deed or secret you’ve kept in the closet may blow over where everyone can see. Because this full moon will be responding to Mars and mutually receptive to Mars in Cancer, this will be centered on fortifying a more safer personal space which means clearing out the toxic people in our lives. This can be a very unsettling process but it’s necessary to expunge the bad in order to make room for healthier conditions. Some of us have important decisions to make.


Give your body some good TLC this week. Clarify your worth and try to avoid from defining it in purely capitalistic terms. Our worth to ourselves and others shouldn’t solely depend on what is easily economized. So what if you haven’t perfected a certain skill? Or that you’re not as easily “manageable” as others? (look, I get it, we all have a temper). Finding value in what makes you unique is where you’ll find the jackpot. Oh, and you may have slight financial situations emphasized this week but your main homework is solidifying your location in this world. Fire loves to roam but fire must have direction in order to be effective. That means settling down and working towards making things grow rather than searching in pointless places. Maybe then connections will feel more healthy and natural. You are having a powerful year so far and that will graciously carry into 2020, but right now it’s crucial to understand what exactly are you fighting for, and what it is that you want. Be concise, my friend.


You are very unsure of how life will move but you’re stumbling upon something beautiful. You have a plethora of resources at your disposal but the question is: what exactly will you do with them? This can be anxiety inducing because you’re a stickler for security and knowing what happens next. However, this is a time to bathe in the unknowing. This is a time to visit unfamiliar places and from that point you may uncover something relevant and prosperous. You are thinking through your options and as the Taurus you are you’re taking your sweet precious time. But aid this thought process with experience. (Small side note: avoid any haircuts or beauty alterations this week)


It’s OK to not be up for it. However, be fair with yourself. Try and acknowledge things aren’t going well or how you would like them to rather than shutting out the world. Avoidance is easier but it isn’t kind. Don’t attempt to weigh down the loss and feelings of confusion with vices, particularly that of money and casual dating. What you need is to find ground rather than space. When we find ground we can finally stand and use it effectively. When we find space all we do is try to roam around and fill the void with meaningless experience. Be manageable with your time and energy. It’s not for sale.


Fall back on your support system. You may feel tempted to handle things on your own terms but you have people in the wings who are willing to help. In other words, reach out to your community. They will support you during this difficult emotional and interpersonal time. You’ve been taking care of everyone now let others take care of you. One last thing, life is shaping up with intensity and you’re falling back on steam. You don’t have to rush with whatever you’re doing. Tackle it in portions and don’t abandon yourself in the process. Getting in touch sexually may help with reminding yourself of your own unique power.


Gather up your tools, Leo! You have an exciting opportunity or life changing event coming your way in the next few months so use this time to solidify resources and run a fine comb through the details. You may feel a bit of a simmer so try and be proactive rather than waiting for the last minute because it might carry some life altering consequences. Don’t let yourself be the reason why your dreams didn’t fall through. Be your own advocate. Ask for help when you need it.


This week think about the relationships you want to embody (because I know you’re thinking about it) and try not to be too rigid with yourself. Let’s be real, you haven’t banged in a while or at least orgasmed so let’s change that up a little. If you are in a relationship, good news for you, this week supports intimate conversations with your partner to voice any concerns related to sex and pleasure. Remember, sex should always be reciprocal. On the less sexy side of things, not everyone will need your assistance and you have no other choice but to let things be. I know you hate to hear it, but you can’t try and control every outcome in your world. But you can start controlling the outcomes that you do have access to.


It’s recharge season, Libra! This taurus season hasn’t been quite on your side (and you may have gone more incognito than you would like) but this time is essential for some internal healing. Never apologize for being an overflowing and emotional mess because you have the right to be human just like everyone else. Disallowing the act to feel is a self defeating and dehumanizing form of heavior. Start taking up space and grow deeper with the ones you trust. You’ve lost a lot of people this year but you have others who are willing to catch you during the fall. Believe me, life may be destructive as hell right now but don’t submit to it. Work with it.


Love is love. Shaming yourself of  how you pursue love and the types of partnerships you should embody will only hurt, Scorpio. Feel more connected to what you believe in rather than what society forces you to take as fact. This may require space from others and more pronounced boundaries. On the romantic side of things,  they are looking wonderful but you don’t have to do it in secrecy. It’s time to own your own truth, no matter how ugly it may look to the outside world.


You want an upgrade, Sagittarius! Particularly of your immediate surroundings, such as your home or bedroom. Yes, renovation! If you been filled with doubt here’s the greenlight to go ahead with the process. And it may not be renovation, but rather moving to a new place or change of scenery. Whatever is, your mental space needs something new and more efficient to support your activity levels. If not, at least go outside more regularly rather than lazily sleeping throughout the day. You have big aspirations this year so don’t let them go to waste. It’s time to start creating!


A hook up may be near the horizon so let me preface with this: practice safe sex and communicate your boundaries. This may also be a time where things just feel easier so don’t take it for granted or second guess this new breeze. Dance with it. Buy some new clothes or write some profound literature. This week supports creativity in astounding ways. This is also a test of how well you can work with flexibility. You have the free time now go use it.


Space for independence is opening up and to be honest, you’re not sure how to feel about it. A massive change in your daily life/routine may have triggered the feeling to finally take charge of your own life. Family finances are right now fickle so you’re also going forth with looking for employment or some form of subsistence and these are all BIG steps for you, Aquarius. However, it’s all scary at the same time. The only thing you can do right now is be with yourself and examine what your inner self is communicating to you. You are in the midst of a long process of questioning: what should I do with myself? Who do I want to be with? What foods should I eat? Rather than drowning yourself in questions, start to act more intuitively. Only you know what you want.


You’ve been determined to find ground somewhere but it may not go quite how you planned. That doesn’t mean you failed, Pisces. It means you’re still stuck on this perception you want in life rather than grasping with material terms. You have big dreams for the future, and that is not to say you should settle for less than that but let’s be realistic. You aren’t doing as bad as you think you are, so don’t feel as if you are missing out on some magical world. Spoiler alert: the world sucks. But you have a lot of potential to change it and it doesn’t always have to be BIG either. Start with the small, simple processes. Whether by reading on a particular issue or talking with more people about it. Never forget that you have the gift of turning something ugly into something captivating. Use that gift this week.

tess lee