Horoscopes 4/10-4/16



This week pushes heavy and climatic questions into the forefront. Rather than rushing for bold, new scenery you may need to revert and become introspective of the nuances, and really pin down what you believe in, and what your values are and who knows, you may learn something new about yourself. On the more mundane side of things, work can be an agitating and compressing space for your body and soul to experience new alternatives, and with mars bearing your 3rd house, communication won’t be on your side either. You may not be ready to put your two weeks in, which is completely understandable because we live in a system that forces us to be in conditions that are incompatible to our desires and dreams for the sake of survival. But we all wait patiently for a silver lining, an opening to something that is more deserving and more electric. Security is always a priority, but you naturally lean into risk, and this week may not be the week of risks but it will propagate questions related to what risks are you willing to take and for what that something is.


It’s been a dearth month for you, which considering how keen you are with your private stay-at-home life isn’t too concerning but we can’t stay estranged forever. We can’t heal or live this life alone—it’s a disservice to you and the ones you love. Part of this estrangement is due to resistance from overwhelming and oppressive structures, but it’s also resistance from within yourself. What part of yourself are you refusing to acknowledge? Or to come to terms with? From the words of an internationally respected astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo, light and shadow must be present and function together. For you, Taurus, this can be a less difficult process because you have the gift of discerning your values and that is enough to navigate closer to the light. Remind yourself of what you cherish, what you find beautiful, and what you find worth living for.  


You’re growing into something beautiful, Gemini. This week you develop stamina to navigate the chaos that concerns your purpose related to career and overall happiness. These are broad, and rather complex topics to tackle and there is no certainty that you will figure it out on your own so lean into community, have dialogues with close friends, and you may stumble upon advices that present like gold. This is not the time to stay slumped in the house or legs kicked up in the air—this is the time for world building. Make sense of the world around you, stay involved, and never forget to ask questions.


Develop firmer boundaries between work and relationships. Reach for “no” in situations where its most accessible. Practice saying no, feel good about saying no, and condition yourself to not hold space for compromise in places that threaten your safety or comfort. If you are in a relationship, encourage more thoughtful and intimate communication. Don’t hold back when it comes to verbalizing your fears or anxieties. On a lighter note, you have a brighter opportunity to explore your creativity and perhaps even get involved in creative events around your community. Go to an art gallery or an outdoor concert.


This has been an explosive month, Leo! But this week encourages reflection related to your creative processes and satisfactions. Outwardly, you’re ready for the next adventure but inwardly, there are fears that need hashing out. Part of this fear is due to your transition period—you know things won’t be the same from here on out. Day-to-day life may even feel less home. However, this is an exciting time so don’t feel guilty for embracing it. With Mars in your community house, moving plans may be on the horizon! Change is happening through the inside out. Rejoice!


Leaning into your analytical skills may help you develop more functional boundaries in your relationships, Virgo. You have a necessity to come for other people’s rescue but we can’t abandon our own being in the process. Remind yourself of your worth and vitality that are separate from the commodified value you represent to others. You are more than your labor. By developing boundaries you can create sturdy trust with close ones, and feel less guilty when you f*ck up. As Mars goes through your career house with Jupiter going retrograde in your family house, you may need to review the big moves you made since November. What are you willing to let go in order to expand beyond what others have define as your limit?  Don’t be afraid to defy those limits.


You are in your adulting period, Libra. In other words, not everything will be fun or fantasizing, and surely your relationships are demonstrating a similar gesture. Lucky for you, this week will not require any power moves. Rather, this week is about observation, calibration, and questioning. You’re growing out of your origins and you have more turf to explore but no need to rush—you still have plenty of time. Settling with boredom doesn’t mean you are settling for less, but that you now have time to develop a skill of your choice, whether it’s writing, drawing, or physically creating something. This could be a great opportunity to de-stress from the spheres of your life that are demanding more than what you can provide. Take advantage of your independence and me-time.


Good news, Scorpio, you are in for a creative week. You have the full range to explore bodily, emotional, and even sexual expressions but it’s important to stay embodied and pursue action with intention rather than to fill empty holes with whatever form of catharsis you can get your hands on. Being reckless may feel like rebellion but what you’re really doing is putting yourself in the line of fire and begging to get burned. So, as you slowly separate yourself from old habits and taking the risk of reaching for new alternatives or modes of healing, be critical for what you truly yearn for and expect to accomplish. You may need to list this out or explore it on paper. Strengthen how you communicate your desires, and be clear with what you expect from others so you can thwart disappointment.  


It’s a big self care week, Sagittarius! You are entering what may feel like a midpoint, and inevitably this will fuel crisis-like attitudes and behaviors. But what this is really about is going inward, and being reflective of the major strides you’ve taken in the past couple of months. You may be swarmed by memories, and perhaps stumble upon an old family photo and you’ll either take a sigh of relief because thank god you finally moved on from that former self or you’ll realize that you haven’t catapulted as far as you wanted. Time is of the essence but as Jupiter goes retrograde in your identity house you aren’t meant to rush with an answer. You are here to experience, and those experiences will inform you with evidence. This week will be a good opportunity to center yourself by getting involved with your body. This doesn’t have to be physical either—it could simply just be honoring your body for all its electricities and battles it had to weather. Your eyes are looking toward the next universe, whether to detach from the failures of the one you’re currently in or because it’s time for some new scenery but Sagittarius, we can’t leave behind what hasn’t been resolved.


Let’s be real, you’re busy. It’s work, work, work, and you haven’t given yourself a proper break or worse, you’re approaching “burn out.” You are riding on heavy expectations but really, what’s the point of glory if we will be too mentally and physically f*cked up at the end to cherish it? Don’t ever compromise your own emotional wellbeing for external commitments. Career and money are both valid concerns, but there is so much to be living for beyond what capitalism sells us as the apotheosis of happiness. So to that I say explore your inner desires, let your own divinity unravel. Read a poem or find some other drunk person at a party and have a conversation with. Get back in touch with your own humanity and from that you will surely find greater purpose.


You’re used to walking on a wire but the wire is getting slipperier, so don’t go way off the edge, Aquarius. As you flirt with uncertainty this week, keep in mind this does not give permission to outrageous behavior. What this does give permission to is reaching out for help (which we know is hard for you). Ask for more opinions and consider other options because the paths are becoming more visible and there are multiples of them. You don’t have to make a decision right away but expanding your worldview and getting more involved can be a push into the right direction. You are never stuck, rather just passing through detours and feeling out what works for you. Aquarius, you stand up for a lot of things but this week may challenge and narrow what truly speaks to you.


Social rejection sucks but you’ve found strength by accepting that you’ll never be what others expect of you, and this can feel like a euphoric release. However, we can’t all live in the clouds despite how the world is literally dying and the only ways to cope is through complete blockage of reality. Still, you have to come back down! You may have to get honest and consider what direction you want to take your life and this can only be feasible if you start to acknowledge the very-tangible and material world you live in.

tess lee