Horoscopes 1/8-1/14


“Your Horoscope are meant to speak to you--like a song. I suggest looking at your Sun and Rising sign when reading weeklies. Both are important and you will decide which is your song for the week.”

✩ I woke up this morning feeling a strike of light--a delightful light. I normally feel grouchy and helplessly tired, but today was nice and different. I have a good feeling about this week (for the most part). We only have one *intense* transit this week but that’s not to say we are doomed. Sometimes, intensity is necessary--to remind us we are complex and human, and it’s okay to get down on ourselves

On the 8th, we have Venus going into Sagittarius (which I mentioned in last week’s forecast). Venus in Scorpio taught that our self worth can be regenerated when healed. Venus in Sagittarius will teach us the importance of experience and exposure in the world--so we can coalesce into something greater, which that “something” is said to be vague on purpose. We can’t waste away in our caves forever! Venus in Sagittarius says there is beauty in diversity, new places and celebration. We can’t escape life so why not enjoy it when we can. Paired with the Crescent moon in Aquarius, the 8th could be a great occasion to set intentions, to provide hope for the new and drag out the old.

On the 10th, Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. This transit boils compulsive feelings/urges, which could disempower us. We fall victim to our bad habits, our obsessions, and guilt. However, I always preface Pluto transits as this: While we may feel helpless to the darkness, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. The Plutonian process is uncomfortable, it brings up anxiety and bad memories. But remember, you have choice in all of this. Astrology is filled with choices despite what others might say. During this transit, make a choice. It will be a simple choice but the road to that choice might be difficult. We are pivoting to a culture that is teaching us to say “yes” but during this time, practice saying “no.”

“No, I won’t entertain these thoughts.”

“No, I won’t take this treatment”

“No, I won’t run back to this person.”

The Sun-Pluto conjunction offers space to break cycles, to reverse those long years of brutalization--either by others or ourselves. Now, this is not to say your life will be drastically different the next day but it can be if you just. make. that. simple. choice. I believe that iterations can upscale to world-felt changes. Practice the process. Get used to the process. You will be stronger when you do.

To round out the week we have Mercury making some *major* moves. They square Mars on the 8th and then conjunct to Saturn on the 13th. Mercury square Mars will create an unabashed direction in conversations and social interactions. This is a time where compromise and working together seem like avoidable options. You will get angry. You might shout “fuck people!” Because this square is occurring in the signs of Capricorn-Aries, where Mars is domicile, our ways of interacting and handling our mental health will be overpowered by Martian influence, which if you FORGOT Mars loves to aggress, sever, and produce excess to the point of inflammation. Take care of yourself during this time. As Mercury conjuncts Saturn on the 13th we have the chance to pick up any missing pieces. We can finally declutter, but also compartmentalize. Hold yourself accountable in the process. If you are the foot in the mouth type of person you will DEFINITELY learn a lesson or two under this transit. For those that struggle with mental illnesses or just have poor mental health, you can use this transit to seek out more effective structural conditions. This is a time where you can clean your room, and get your personal space organized so you can think clearly. Mercury’s contact with Saturn makes our analysis method very concise and realistic. Make effective choices for your health!

Last but not least, the 14th we have a plentiful Mercury sextile Neptune. Imagination is infinity. Write down or describe what you feel and what you see. Neptune is visual while Mercury is descriptive. Mash the two together and get your ideas out there. We may not be able to convey our thoughts in clear terms so use the creative outlet as your voice. ✩


Breaks exist. You’ve been getting your life in shape but don’t be afraid to decompress. As Mercury moves into your career house, get firm about deadlines and the little blocks to make those big, inflamed dreams come true. This is also a really good constructive period to revise, edit, and solidify what you want to put out into the world. Although, your eager Mars could overpower the benefits of Mercury in Capricorn. Be careful with delivery and how you convey your message. Maybe job interviews around this time could be fickle. However, Venus moves into your 9th house, provoking courage in these passions. Be open with your truth. Be accepting of the truths exposed to you.


Go against the grain. As Mercury moves into your 9th, feeling confined to your conditions may be fact but it’s not. You are not subservient to your pain--you only live alongside it. Be constructive about what you wish to believe, particularly around the themes of your own self worth. As Venus moves into your 8th house, you will learn how to be uncomfortable and what it’s like to be inappropriate. Let loose, just a little bit if you can. Neptune in the 11th house of community working harmoniously with Mercury in the 9th will be your gracious push to experience the world for what it is. You’ve done so much hiding, Taurus. It’s okay to live.


Who wouldn’t love a week filled with intrusive thoughts? As Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into the 8th house of mortality, shared finances, and DEATH, your mind may be too much for you. Anxious feelings surrounding when the Earth will meet its demise, failure, and guilt will all erupt this week. Practice engagement. By that, I mean: don’t abandon these thoughts. Stay present with them, even when you desperately want to check out. By not living alongside intensity we become disempowered to it. As the planet of image and social connections moves into your 7th house you can expect blooms around romance or meeting new people. This could be the silver lining in your personal dome of darkness. Neptune in your career house will also be working harmoniously with Mercury so, when you do feel immobile try and find an outlet to express that energy effectively. Maybe it’s time to finally order a diary…


Theme for this week: hard feelings. With all that movement in the sky, thorn words will drive you and others apart. Practice appropriateness and be concise with your words. Use this time to organize the people in your life, whether it’s the ones you’ve cut out, loved, or have at least accepted. And most of all, remember your theme for this month: self love. As Venus moves into your 6th house, you will be able to do just that! Get your priorities together and revise your routine if it doesn’t make you feel GOOD. The Venus in your chart will do you one big favor; enjoying the act of living. Don’t forget where you are in this world. Take a look outside and appreciate that you’re still here and thriving the best you can.


Everything will have its place and most of all, things will fall into place--you just have to relax. Your sixth house of mundane living and obligations will be lit up through intensity. Your plate may be full, or you could fall victim to stressing about the tiniest details that don’t factor much importance. Don’t spread yourself thin. Honor your limits. But try to be constructive of what’s keeping you from enjoying your day-to-day and if that blockage is a nasty habit then you have two choices: (1) say “no” (2) break it. As Venus moves into your fifth house of creation don’t be afraid to masturbate! I say this sparingly so when I do say it please take it seriously. Long hours of intense labor will produce separation from you and your body so get close with it. Remind yourself that you’re that bitch.


Take a closer look at your work. What is out of place? What could be done differently? Your priorities for the week will be concentrated on artistry and how you express yourself. The focal point could be your self concept or side/”pet” projects. Fix the inconsistencies when and where they appear. As Sun and Pluto interlock in your fifth house of creation, you may want to relax and devote time to just being. Call off work or push tasks to next week. Deadlines are measurements but you shouldn’t live your life revolved around them. As Neptune, the planet of visual, works harmoniously with Mercury, the planet of communication attempt to express your most tender feelings to those close to you. Don’t apologize for your vulnerability--own it.


You’ve been battling with divergence. Home is keeping you trapped but there is a world of galore and beauty that calls for your presence. Typical Venusian things. As Venus moves into the 3rd house of communication and neighborhoods, you’ll be wandering more graciously. Use this time to explore where your belonging resides, and go the extra mile to define it. As Mercury in the 4th house of family works against Mars in the 7th house of partnerships pretty much everyone around you will annoy the *fuck* out of you. So, escape this week and get comfortable with not having rigid guidelines to live your life alongside of. Live life on your terms and bend the rules just a little.


Prepare for irritability. As Mars in your 6th house of health and obligations works against Mercury in the house of communication, you will feel all the little parts of your life come apart at the seams. For you Martian child, such inconveniences are met with rage so practice patience and time management. Planning in advance could be your best friend this week! The Sun-Pluto conjunction might make you a bit inactive---perhaps even ill so diet switches or hygiene care are recommended. However, on the bright side your irritation may produce a spark of inspiration. When you do feel upset direct that energy into expression whether its f*cking or writing poetry.


Begin planning out how you will support yourself through this new “vision” you have constructed. Get technical. Get specific. In the process, sacrifices will be made, and your sense of attachments to things of the past will have to find a new home. You’re in this funky but exciting stage of renewal. You’re reforming and learning new parts of yourself and how you see the world, which seems to dangle above your head. Venus is in your first house of identity and I would celebrate this beautiful transit by going outside and screaming at the world. Not out of anger, but out of admiration. You still have a long ways to go, but you’re content and that’s enough to be thankful for. Neptune in your house of family will work harmoniously with mercury in your house of finances and personal resources so this is a great time to throw away what you don’t need anymore. Be grateful that you’ve had them but it’s time to shove out the old.


It’s precision time! Let’s be honest Capricorn, this week may feel like a lot. You got intense work happening right now. You feel demotivated, but this is only the construction period. Your sense of worth is not defined by outputs. Don’t be inhibited to find time away from the rigidity. As Mercury moves into your house of identity where the Sun-Pluto conjunction will also occur, it’s time to get honest with yourself. Admitting you have a problem is not an act of punishment but an act of acceptance. As Venus moves into your 12th house of hidden features and isolation ask yourself these questions: What is something you hate about yourself? What is something you love about yourself? Once you’ve answered those questions, think of whether the things you listed came from your own interpretation of beauty or society’s. I’ll let you in on a secret: society is filled with constructions that aren’t exactly real because they are just that! constructions; made up fairytales. So, use this time to look in the mirror more, to try on something you’ve never worn before. You will find meaning in your own beauty that only comes from within.


Nothing will make sense this week. It sucks, I know. Too much vagueness will clump into your life so try and be analytical of your decisions and perceptions of others. Mercury in your 12th house of isolation and hidden features will be working against Mars in your 3rd house of communication, which translates as: keep your mouth shut. You probably will anyway since you may feel, at this moment, you have nothing interesting to add in conversations. You’re in a funky time you  just have to pull through, even if it’s with a frown on your face. However, Venus will be entering your 11th house of fortune and community. You may favor just being around others who give you support or at least make you *feel* human. I know you’re drifting off into infinity somewhere but you do have people who love you. Don’t shut them out, Aquarius.


You will have your “boss b*tch” moment of the week. As Venus moves into your house of career, and Mercury into your house of community and fortune, you will be making memorable impressions. Perhaps, this is an opportunity to unleash your inner siren. Although, Sun-Pluto conjunction can revise your friend groups and attachments to a community. I’m foreseeing that you are making plans to move, or reside elsewhere where you can be your true and authentic yourself. You want out. However, make sure these plans are financially supported. As Neptune in your house of identity works harmoniously with Mercury in your house of community, you’re falling into place. The world is making sense after living viscerally through the fog.

tess lee