Horoscopes 1/29-2/3

January is coming to a close, and I must say: thank god. Perhaps it was the Capricorn, perhaps it was the Eclipses, but either way this month has felt like a drag on. With our final week in January we have a space to do some incredible things, whether that is brainstorming, workshoping, or just taking the plunge. On the 29th we have a Sun conjunction Mercury. The closeness of Mercury to the Sun will shock the tiny planet with seismic waves of clarity and creativity. Think of this transit like a lightbulb. The sun’s light will finally drive your thoughts into a necessary direction. This is a good time to be mentally active, to start getting the details down, or communicate your purpose in various forms. With this cazimi in the sign of Aquarius, expect to get performative. Traits of Aquarius are often described as “weird” or “deviant” and as this will situate identity at the forefront it’s necessary to verbalize these images into something original and creative. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable!

Saturn will sextile Neptune on the 30th. These slower moving planets create an omnipresent mark on our collective world. Saturn sextile to Neptune will create a collective urgency for making changes in the system that benefit the wellness of all. Saturn values structure, but Neptune values empathy. The energy of these planets working together will foster a climbing motion to generosity. This is a time to evaluate your version of kindness, what kindness means to you, and how you lend it to others. Remember, this transit will last for quite a bit of time. It’s never too late to get reflective of how you treat others, and how kind you want the world to be. Embody the change you wish to see around you.

On the 1st of February, Mars in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn. How to describe this transit? Punitive but only if you let it. Mars-Pluto square challenges our resistance, and most of all, our comfort. This transit creates volatility in its wake. This is where we find ourselves most reactionary and possibly, afraid. Don’t let fear be immobilizing. You are in control of the situation. If you feel like you’re not in control then remind yourself that you are. We are most vulnerable when we lose sight of our agency and the power that comes with being able to control the situation and the outcomes that follow it. With every Mars-Pluto transit I always say: this is the time to LET GO. We often describe Mars as being this bad super-villain character, but her usefulness comes from her ability to give us the sword to cut the cord attaching us to dead weight, to toxic people, and in this case, borderline abusive situations. The struggle here is emphasized by power dynamics existing within our interpersonal dealings. No one owns you. You own yourself.

Towards the end of the week, Venus trines Uranus (Feb 2nd) and Venus moves into Capricorn (Feb 3rd). Value your agency. Don’t partake in connections where you feel like you have to lose a part of yourself.  Remember, compromise CAN be made between individuality and romance. Venus in Capricorn won’t necessarily focus on love, as much as it will focus on your work. Doing projects or anything work related will feel joyous. If you are in a relationship, this is a time to evaluate the contracts. Get comfortable with terms and conditions. Make sure both parties are satisfied. Work towards commitment. Remember, love is tough work. Finally, Mercury will sextile Jupiter, offering a space to communicate and value teamwork. Where Mercury has the ideas, Jupiter has the ability to connect others through a cause.


Your scab has gotten picked...and picked...and picked by those seemingly more powerful than you. You’ve lowered your tongue, crossed your arms, and smiled because sometimes following the rules gives us a better chance to survive. This week, however, will finally be lava. Despite the uncomfortable process of leaving, you’ll have a group of friends and community to run back to. Your heart is desiring other places, other ideas that need to be told. Your need for agency and full expression of the self will cause friction with your subservience to corporate control. Don’t let this friction amount to anger that can easily be taken out on the people who are there to support you. Find outlets for this anger. Be mobile. Be proactive.


Everyday is a good day to practice self care but this week is going to drive your wants and pleasures at the forefront. Show admiration for yourself. Appreciate what you have to offer, and express that in various mediums. You’ve been dogged down by way too many people, so marvel at your own power. Own it. Opportunities are also at the rise. You will definitely make your mark this time around. However, don’t overshoot your shot. Be practical with each move. Always have a Plan B.


Restlessness will be the theme for this week (sorry, Gemini). This restlessness may manifest as internal anxiety, overextension, or straight up confusion. Your day-to-day life will take up most of your priority. Just make sure to stay organize and reaffirm your limits. Too much mobility or labor can really take a toll on your body and health. To the Geminis with siblings, this could be a really fickle period; lots of arguments, fights, and betrayals. On the bright side of things, this is going to be a great time to use that brain of yours for higher purposes. Get to know the people that seem most different to you, read up on some philosophy, or watch a lecture video. These may seem like boring ideas, but with chaos sitting on your doorstep, detouring through flat earth videos may be therapeutic.


Situations will boil around you but rest assure they won’t have anything to do with you. Whether that is a relief or a curse, make sure to keep your distance. Offer support when needed but don’t get unnecessarily involved. To the taken Cancers, your partners may go through familial turmoil. Do what you do best: offer comfort and understanding. You may also find your thoughts work against you. It’s easy to fall into paranoia or cognitive circles so talk it out or journal it. The worst you can do is be avoidant.


Massive creativity will downpour, Leo. You are feeling confident in what you are producing and are excited for the future. However, don’t treat these joys like labor. Don’t feel compelled that you have to produce something. Let this pleasure flow freely and on its own terms. As you are creating, try new things or look at your projects in different angles. In terms of relationships and social circles, don’t work toward their expectations or fight for their acceptance. The only one who can keep your light aglow is you.


When sorting through pain it’s easy to ponder “why” instead of accepting pain as part of you. This week will be intense, and it will cause some issues regarding finances, shame, and how to support yourself. When our foundations are shaky will believe the world is out to get us, but rest assure Virgo you are doing just fine. Honor your emotions, see them as you rather than fractions. On the bright side, this week can be useful in getting tasks out of the way so you don’t have to look at it anymore. You’re not good with expansion so concise your priorities as much as possible.


Let’s keep it REAL: balance will not be attained this week. Familial conflicts will lead you running into the night with someone or something else you call home. Uprooting from what you’ve known all your life is difficult but urgency for community and friendships will have you ready to take the plunge. Remember, separation is necessary even when we don’t like it or feel it does more harm than good. Claim ownership of your space, and most of all, your life. It’s time to network, create, and experience the world for its truest forms and not just what you’ve seen in fantasy. Have at it, Libra


Memories will follow you this week, Scorpio. We all know you as the brooding type but forgiveness is the best gift you can offer yourself. As the past becomes clear under the microscope, so do you. Self realization will help you gather strength of your life and the choices you make. When anger does emerge, whether through the past or current situation find an artistic outlet for it. Writing for you sounds great this week. Invest in a little notebook where you can write down your thoughts or if you prefer to scribble all over the page that’s fine too.


As the expansive sign of the zodiac, there is so much you want to do, so much vision, and change. However, the resources needed to bring these ideas to life will be your toughest challenge. Be comfortable with taking little steps and growing alongside your vision rather than rushing to bring it out into the world. This is also a good time to start brainstorming and connecting with those in your neighborhood. Don’t be afraid to let help in. You get more brain power when multiple perspectives are introduced.


You’ve been through hell and back this month, Capricorn. This week, on the other hand, will be quite blissful. You feel as if though there is a higher call on your purpose. There is more need to connect and understand the world rather than just rushing through it. Financial wise, you will have some gains or at least a better grasp of how to support yourself and what exactly you’ll need for the next chapter in your life. Despite how great this week might be, it’s important to also reaffirm your limits. You may wants more than what your body can withstand. Don’t be afraid to check in with yourself.


You’re given more space to be you and without judgement; however, there is still internal dissonance that needs to be adjusted. The worst you can do is ignore what your inner self is trying to communicate with you. To really be confident and comfortable in our own skin, we have to get mediative and honest about what’s really going on. There will be irritation regarding the little things but just stay focused. You have a lot you want to accomplish, and it won’t happen right away (unfortunately) so the only thing you can do right now is to keep doing what already works.


You’ll be in for a slow week, Pisces. But don’t take it as defeat, instead view it as a resting week. I wouldn’t recommend going out or entertaining the drama of your friends because it will surely get you involved. Instead, explore your thoughts in your own space. Get imaginative of what you want to see in the world. Write a story. Paint. Do whatever it is that can be relaxing and shut out the world. You have my permission.

tess lee