Horoscopes 1/22-1/28


★ Ah, this week has felt like mental constipation. I’m back, hopefully not temporarily---and we are in the swing of Aquarius season. Whether you want to cheer or boo at that statement, remember we are in the fertile part of January where we can adopt new features into our lives, and be open to experience. In other words, get freaky and have fun doing it.

We start this week with Venus conjoining Jupiter in Sagittarius. From a glance, this transit is really good. Jupiter is home, Venus is feeling amped by Jupiter’s energy. This offers expansion, glamour, adventure,  and willingness. However, despite these two benefic planets holding hands with one another, the potential to go beyond the realm of reality are all likeable options. We are prone to be reckless with our choices, both romantic and financial. It’s so easy to give into pleasure during this time, and while we should never abstain ourselves from it, we must allow room for practicality. So, make your proposal, honor the vision but don’t get carried away into space. Remind yourself of your very human condition. We aren’t immortal.

On the 23rd, we have Mercury square to Uranus which will up our tensions and nerves. Considering this transit is happening on a Wednesday aka Mercury’s day on the calendar, this will feel incredibly stressful for some. Mercury square Uranus can make us check out, lose attention, and also be heavily affected by our surroundings. Make sure to nourish, and prioritize what information you will be engaging with. This transit makes us vulnerable to the news, so if you need to cut off completely from the press go for it. Last fair warning: be careful of the discourse. Mercury square Uranus definitely accelerates our compulsion to argue, and battle who’s right. We steer from objective and calm mentalities. The following day, Mercury enters into Aquarius which is gonna be super refreshing. Mercury in Capricorn is very much of “show me the facts, and present them to me in the right way” whereas Mercury in Aquarius is about going beyond the facts. This can induce anxious feelings, but Mercury in Aquarius promotes creativity and innovation. Change up your routine, your study habits, even the way you might do a certain activity. Mercury in Aquarius never wants us to do the same thing over and over.

To round out the week, Mars trines Jupiter on the 28th. The firey and harmonious connection of these planets will definitely propel us to new territory. Embrace your vision and creative power. This may be a good time to embody your beliefs and fight for them. Mars-Jupiter transits can propel extremist behaviors as it begs for the law to be taken into our own hands, and both planets are domicile so expect the fire to be ferocious. Just know your limits.. ★


Let your body find hope this week, Aries. The source is coming from overriding expectations; too much to do and simply not enough time to do it.  It’s okay to hit walls and fall into fatigue periods. Don’t resort to putting the blame on yourself or shouting at the world. Your mind moves into the future this week so focus on moving forward and not pushing backwards. While this may be crazy to say to my fellow Martian children, find your agency and enjoy it. This doesn’t mean find dominance. It means find self-ownership. Let your truth shine through, and be brave through the chaos. You got this.


Future is calling, pick up the phone! Opportunities just may be in the horizon for you but the inconveniences can stand in the way. Prioritize. Be efficient. This isn’t the time to waste time--you will feel a lot better without having to think on the “what ifs.” Your week could also trigger previous wounds and shame. You may feel like straight mud this week and let it be known now that it’s OK. You are in your first stage of transition, and moving on with your life. Re-grieving is a process of life. You’re changing, and while that is very frightening, it’s also hopeful.  


New waters, new situations, and new people are all being tested this week, Gemini. You are coming back into your fluidity and resilience; however, this is a good time to remind yourself of limits. Don’t try and work towards anyone’s constructions of what your identity should look like. Own your truth separate from the standards. As a new door opens make sure to have both feet out the door. It’s time to finally abandon yesteryear, for good.


Having a firm grasp on how social nuances work isn’t necessarily your forte. It’s hard being the negotiator and as this week accelerates disagreements in your social life, your mundane life will provide some necessary support. Take time off work, cheat a little on your diet. Having your shit together is always a good thing but when we stress over the facade of having things going to plan can up our stress levels. Just be. Most important thing you can do this week is love your body. Be aware of what you give to it, and how you nourish it. If you fall into poor eating habits then bring love back into---go to a park, do some yoga, or a facemask.


Trust the path you are on. Most of all, trust the people you bring into your path. You are known for being a solar delight but when people don’t give you the reactions or acceptance that you want don’t take that as an offense to yourself. You will be working to please more people, or feeling self-diluted in your social circles. Don’t overstate and don’t understate. Find balance with yourself and the world. You left a chapter and opened a new one. Write your own page.


Time to get firm, Virgo. Let people in, by all means but don’t self sacrifice. Honor your limits and set aside time for your own hobbies or other pleasurable activities. This week you are seeking security, comfort, and belonging. Whether that is staying in your bed all day or revisiting your roots in hopes for a sign or a realization, don’t forget about the present and the unwavering future. You can get so caught up in what you owe to others, so try and reverse it: get what you are owed, and stick up for what you’re worth. Don’t let people run over you this week. Be honest--which let’s be real, isn’t very hard for you to do.


It’s time to pick sides. Keeping the ‘peace’ is only a sign of surrender. Fight for what you really want, not just what you are expected to crave. If you have trouble mounting your vision, then express those desires through blogging, journaling or even writing on sticky notes. Have your own personal dialogue. While you spend your time being active with your social circles, don’t forget to be active with yourself. Create, revise, go colorful. Little weird suggestion but download a doodle app, even if you aren’t artistic. Give your brain a little boost when you feel hopelessly drained.


Don’t give into compulsion. You are safe, whether you want to believe it or not. This week can have you scatterbrained and living off three cups of coffee a day---if you are in this position make sure to nourish your body. You don’t have to complete every task this week. Calendars exist for this reason! Despite the stress this time could hold, there is also room for financial gains or just the simple act of gift giving. Show acts of kindness to the people you love. You aren’t gonna be super down with going out anytime soon, so try and build more quality time with family or even, yourself.


Everything will feel like they are falling right into place, Sagittarius. Let’s be real, this week is gonna feel really good. There is more inner opportunity and appreciating of the world around you; however, when we are consumed with this joy we like to think we are superhuman. Be careful of overstepping toes or thinking too big that you can’t seem to apply it in earthly and realistic terms. Remember, you are accountable for all your time here. Treat others with the joy that you’re embodying. In terms of projects, you are ready to catapult, but not just yet! Get the details sorted. Start thinking about how you are actually gonna make this dream come true.


Take a deep breath, Capricorn. You’ve been having a rough month, and while everyone looks like they are going through it, you are really going through it. You’ve felt the nuances of inspiration, fatigue, and nothingness. This week asks you to be mindful. Be mindful of life. You are here and you are one tough cookie. Be confident in your life direction and find the resources to help stabilize you and your upcoming future. While this week could spur some identity/body issues, don’t be too harsh on ourselves. You’ve had a tough month, don’t take it out on your body. It bears your scars and your greatness.


Doors are opening, Aquarius! After a rough couple of weeks, you can finally breathe. This week will have you find who you are (which is pretty much going to be the theme for this entire Aquarius season). While you may have felt confused, and out of touch, you are ready to take action. But remember, we aren’t meant to live this life alone. The eclipse stirred some dilemmas in the romantic parts of your life, and while you’re growing into your own confidence remember that you can’t completely detach from love, despite how hard you may try. You are adequate enough, Aquarius. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Get out there, make friends, have laughs, be human. You aren’t the alien that everyone likes to say you are.


Continue to build your life, Pisces. You’ve been doing a lot of great things this month, even if it involved your loved ones cheering you or you having to go solo. However, be sure where to aim. This week, and overall year, can have you going places you never dreamed of but remind yourself to be gradual with this process. Try and provide yourself ground. Get the specifics down. In other words, come back down from the clouds.

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