Horoscopes 1/1-1/7


✩ As I write these horoscopes one thought has materialized: I’m tired. This past year has felt exponentially long thanks to the many retrogrades and bullshit that has accumulated since the past few months. I’ve learned to measure my disappointment in bookmarks through astrology. Mars retrograde was the worst; I got my first kiss but felt crushed only days after. Venus retrograde I learned that love really only comes from me, and no one else. Jupiter entering Sagittarius I felt a spring in the middle of a heavy autumn. As we enter the new year, times will be difficult--they always are. But you’re still the same. The Universe moves on and so do you. We all want change in our lives whether in one place or another. Although, the challenge is to stick with that intention. Can you? Well, only Saturn can tell.

As Saturn moves through Capricorn and so does the brute planet, Pluto, we are being challenged structurally. The energy of these planets won’t manifest directly in relation to you, but rather the world around you. Power is the anthem. Saturn is our regimes while Pluto works in dynamics. Abuse of power is always a concern with Saturn-Pluto conjunctions. War can blow over. Uprise can be over the horizon. But the conjunction won’t *specifically* happen until 2020. I want to give an inspirational talk on how we should bond together as humanity, but for some of the people out there they rather be absorbed by hate than anything else. And let it be known, this hate comes from our structures and ideologies. Saturn maintains these structures, which have been built over time (centuries, actually). Its defeating to think we can undo centuries worth of work, of concentration, and perpetuation. But while it’s easy to fall damp to uselessness and self defeated attitudes, Jupiter tells us we can. As Jupiter forgoes its detour in its home sign of Sagittarius, we drum with inspiration. We vibrate with the intention to change the world around us, for the better of all. Jupiter works to educate and be active in our social communities. She’s the *original* Uranus minus all the aliens and electricity. I mentioned this previously in the monthlies, but Jupiter-Neptune square is going to be important this year. Due to this aspect happening three times in the year, it’s going to be a BIG theme. Luckily, you can bookmark your experiences around it. The Jupiter square to Neptune will be a time to learn compassion, a time to learn genuine kindness. Despite what your horoscope might say, 2019 is a year of healing the wounds and being active citizens in a world of shady business.

I will work with Saturn, because I have no choice #caprising (jk). I will work with Saturn because I need to remind myself what keeps me going and to know a system I wish to destroy for better ones. I will work with Mars because we all need to be comfortable with the grim process of separation and finding our own fire. Make 2019 how you wish to make it. If that entails throwing glitter over your problems or blasting kpop music to annoy your friends so be it.

As we navigate the first week of the new year, Mars is in Aries--Mars is home. Due to this domicile connection, Mars will feel comfortable to do “Mars” things; severing, separating, inflammation, aggression, drive. Here, she is most powerful. Use this energy to concentrate on specific desires, projects or goals. While this may feel like an explosive introduction to 2019 we have a drag of Capricorn energy to tame the fire. Diligence is the theme this week. Be patient. But be effective.

Mercury will weave into Capricorn on the 4th bringing us precision and the willingness to declutter the unnecessary b*llshit. Don’t be afraid to dump out your drawers, throw away clothing/items, and deleting his number. Something we don’t talk about Mercury *enough* is its connection with our mental health. Mercury going into Capricorn triggers our need to do something about our baggage, and handling it in the most effective and constructive way possible. Look to get things done, or getting specific with the non-specifics. The 5th will carry us into a Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Let me iterate: this is a really partial eclipse. So, while it is an eclipse it really isn’t *that* serious. Although, this opens up a window to which 1-2 years will be absorbed with lessons regarding discipline and commitments. Don’t run away. The Universe literally told me you can’t (jk). But during this eclipse, you want to get serious about the area which its afflicting (look to see where you have Capricorn in your chart).

We leave this week with Venus entering the explorative sign of Sagittarius. Let’s rejoice! Venus offers a push into things foreign and new for us. Leave your fears at home, we are testing new waters. ✩


I see the Sun, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn affecting your imagination of what you want to do with your life, how you want to get there, and how you wish to sustain it. Mercury added to the mix could be a time of getting the specifics listed down or at least thought out in a condensed manner. However, Mars will rejuvenate your power from the contemplations and scandals you’ve faced in 2018. You know your truth so carry it with might. Fight for it. Defend it. As Venus lights up your 9th house you’re looking for new places and new people. As Chiron, our wounds, follow Mars, you’re asked to look at the bruises and smile that it happened. It’s over. Be happy that it’s over. Use this week to seek more exciting outlets and cut out the dead weight. You’ve been dragged along far enough.


I ask of you one favor, Taurus: to be thankful that you’re here. This past year has been rough. If I could underline “rough” I’d do it twice. You’ve suffered heartbreak and maybe all you need is someone to tell you how much you mean to them. Unfortunately, validation can only go so far. As the Sun, Saturn and Pluto lock into your 9th house of ideologies, higher education and travel you’re asked to make the far distance. Your views are changing especially in relation to the people around you, and you’re almost living in-between worlds. The system has you under your thumb but you can see right through their doing. Spread awareness of your cause. Move out of your current space. There is a world out there meaning to be chewed. As Venus moves into your 8th house of mortality and shared resources, you will see your $$ go up. This a time of abundance but also completion from the bullshit of yesteryear. You’re ready to let go and explore the world on your own terms.


I’ll be honest: this first month is going to be difficult. You’re challenges don’t exist on a material or a spiritual plane. They are on a “you” plane, one that is very deep and heavily involved with your psyche. You’re unraveling trauma (aren’t we all?) in ways that feel rawing and unsettling. You’re figuring out your own personal reactions and how to build from the shame. As Sun, Saturn, and Pluto move through your 8th house you will understand why’ve you been afflicted and how to handle the truth of power dynamics and the ugly parts of our social fabric. Not everything is butterflies and rainbows in fact, most of it is a deep and dark stain we all try to cover. For you, this stain is a guiding point. You can see it clearly. You have truth that needs to be shared, just give yourself the voice. Mars will be moving through your 11th house of friends and fortune. Perhaps your truth will scare the others away or have strong, engrossed reactions directed at you. You’re not a liar despite what these astrology commentators wish to say. You have a story.


So often we let those we think we love hurt us. It’s not our faults. It’s simply the complexity of relationships and the even greater complexity of how we accept ourselves. Be disciplinary with how you give that love and how you receive it. You may have sworn off relationships on your resolution list but through others we grow into our own. As Sun, Saturn and Pluto move through your house of relationships you’re given a space to construct the exact image of how you want to be loved and what that person should look like. If you’re already in a relationship then communicate your boundaries and strive toward mutual effort. As Venus hits your sixth house of obligations, debt, and health you will be making changes regarding how you live and how you navigate in your body. You may feel uncomfortable in your skin but self-love isn’t an easy task--if it was then everyone would do it! However, you may be busy this week as Mars moves into your career house. You’re building a foundation for yourself. You have not fallen yet.


Priorities, Leo! Sun, Saturn and Pluto are moving through your 6th house and shortly, Mercury will be joining the crew. You have great mental precision that will aid your personal structure. Give yourself the proper conditions to grow. But remember your value outside the labor you put forth. As you pick the people and tools most efficient for use, don’t forget the intimate and emotional connections that make the world go ‘round. Venus will be transiting through your 5th house of creativity, pleasure and hobbies. You’re going back into your artistic cave, let’s rejoice! But what’s different this time is you will be looking for new inspiration, perhaps from places you never would’ve dreamed of.


Waves of relief are swirling in the home this time around. You feel understood (finally) and you’re given space to just be without being daunted with eyes of authority figures and expectations. Use this time to productive (as always) in the things that excite you, in the things that you love doing. But be constructive with this desire. As Mercury transits your 5th house along with the Partial Solar Eclipse, this is a great window to make commitments to future projects. As Mars transits through your 8th house it’s so easy to blame yourself when things go south. Remember, you’re more than your work. You’re more than your goals. You’re human.


Here’s the stitch about Libra: you avoid discomfort. It’s the need for balance. But sometimes, the turbulence of imbalance teaches us strength and resilience. As Mars transits through your 7th house of partnerships, you’re tested to face the tears in your social fabric. You’ve dealt with Saturn and Pluto transiting through the house of family and past and as Sun and Mercury are added to the mix, you’re unstable in the areas you’ve known all your life. As Venus goes into your 3rd house of communication you will find ease with communicating your boundaries in the realm of your relationships. This isn’t the year to be “nice.” This is the year to be honest with yourself and being your own advocate.


Venus and Jupiter in your 2nd house of finances is bringing in physical value into your life, but what you need is the sentimental value. You’ve come into 2019 with a new haircut and bruises, so treat yourself kinder this time around. I see Mars going into your 6th house of obligations and health to be a tough one on your body. You’re more willing to work and exert physical labor but remember, we are fragile. Despite your strength, its OK to admit weakness. As the buildup of Capricorn energy afflicts your 3rd house of communication and the mundane don’t be afraid to change how you function day-to-day. Lifestyle changes are always a good introduction into the year.


Abundance is in the air but its worthless if you don’t do the work to maintain it. As the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto build up in your 2nd house of finances and resources, you’re asked to make a sustainable structure for your growth. In this world we live in it’s difficult to not revolve our concerns around money, and how much we owe to others. Capitalism says too much is never enough. But we need to be disciplinary of how much we accumulate and if we have excess we should distribute it to those in need. You’re more aware of these kind of institutional things. You’re growing critical and asking questions. As Mars enters your 9th house of ideologies and higher education you’re more determined to shout out these beliefs. Not everyone will be comfortable with these truths, but don’t let that deter you. You’re being curious of new areas so let your heart roam free.


You’re growing into a new form and that process will certainly be funky. The current Capricorn stellium is siting in your first house of identity and for some it will be conjunct to the ascendant. This is a powerful time. As Venus enters your 12th house of unconscious and other hidden features. You will have a difficult time accepting yourself and the truth you’ve been born with. You want to change but with change comes acknowledgement and action. As Mars enters your 4th house of family  you’re ready to let go. Dwelling in the past no longer serves you.


What do you want? You will be terribly unsure this week and throughout the year. It will be through discovery where it will all come together. This week; however, is best shared alone. You aren’t about parties or meeting with friends. The Capricorn stellium in your 12th house and soon-to-be eclipse will open a window of vagueness and figuring shit out. Your task is to accept yourself for who you are, including the nasty parts. As Mars enters your 3rd house it will be harder to articulate what you mean, and process those feelings accordingly. Be patient with yourself.


Success is knocking on your door but will you take it? As Venus moves into your career house alongside Jupiter, opportunities will take greater shape. You’re following your heart but that may counteract to the wishes of your communities and friends. As the healer you’re born to be you will try and understand their provocation. But from my own personal experience, friends aren’t for eternity. Communities will always change, and there be new ones willing to accept your truth. Mars will be going through your 2nd house of the finances and self worth. You’ve done the work now its time to see the rewards materialize.

tess lee