Some Long January 2019 Horoscopes ....



The new year opens the landscape for new opportunity and the action to support its manifestation. Unlike 2018, this new year won’t have as many retrogrades or super intense transits. This is a time of transition and with that requires us to keep building, and making the necessary adjustments as we move along. The big signature transit of this year is Jupiter in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces. The eclectic planet of Jupiter will square the elusive planet of Neptune three times this year. The first of these triplet squares will occur within the new month of January on the 13th. The overall theme of this transit is to aim high while being sure of where that arrow is going to go. A Jupiter-Neptune transit like this allows room for immense growth and inspiration. But once we get too deep into the fascination, we fall into potential traps, illusions, and if we don’t follow suit we will be consciously aware of the consequences by the next Jupiter square to Neptune in June 2019. The goal of this transit is to grow within yourself--growing in an internal sense so we can embody true kindness and compassion that can be offered to the lives around us.

On the first day of 2019, Mars ingresses into Aries. We are starting this new year with a boom! Mars being domicile creates an initiative energy to do things. Mars is most comfortable when she has space to do what she wants, when she wants. Because Mars is home in the sign of Aries, she will wield us the sword to severe and divide the parts of our lives that are no longer productive to us. Simultaneously, this will provide room for us to concentrate on our passions and utilize the things and people around us but the “gag” of this transit is that the push towards aggression or to act can be uncomfortable. The process of separation is even harder. If you’ve been going through a shitty relationship or holding an unsatisfying job then this is the sign to leave--but with separation comes the division of parts unequal to each other. Translation: putting forth action will yield some losses. Are you ready to let go of those things for the betterness of your future? Whatever is decided you have to stay firm in the decision. In order for things to grow, some must wither in its place. The lesson of this transit is to healthily assert ourselves so we can get the things we want--the things we feel entitled to. However, we run into the likelihood of being dominant in those things. By exerting dominance instead of self assertion, we become a dictator and our actions become more ruthless and more violent.

On the 6th ignites a Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Eclipses always come in pairs. This year we have Capricorn/Cancer and Aquarius/Leo which are all happening within the first month of the year. Generally, eclipses get funky. Events lose its sequence and you feel thrusted into situations that you never thought would be in. While this is a great time to reset, there should be avoidances. For one, don’t do any rituals. Eclipses should not be treated in the same bracket as full and new moons. This energy is more eccentric, and less condensed. We shouldn’t be directing this type of energy into our lives. Casting spells during Eclipses warrant toxicity and destruction. The second rule, and I’m saying this from personal experience,  don’t start any new relationships before or after the eclipses. They will end on a bitter and obsessive note.

After the solar eclipse, there are some evaluations concerning our commitments and where our ambitions should run to. Mercury will also enter Capricorn giving us the opportunity to structure our daily lives in accordance to achieving our goals. Give yourself the proper tools and if you don’t know what the tools are this is the chance to look for them. If you are not the most put-together person in the bowl, then this transit will give you an opportunity to take responsibility and set boundaries between the multiple parts of your world, which could be careers, your love life and daily life. I firmly believe that this is a fruitful time for constructive change. We will be striving for more effective and stern forms of communication. If you have trouble implementing boundaries then this transit is good to decide what those limits are and  keeping them rigid before growing more fluidly with them. Listen to Saturn rather than abstaining from her guidance. Use this energy to evaluate your life.

What isn’t working anymore?

What is something that I should try differently this time around?

What are old habits that need to be cut from the picture?

Should I finally see a therapist?

The answers to these questions will be more tangible as Mercury needs evidence and Saturn gladly supplies it. There is a more earnest feeling to change or keep driving in the right direction. As Mars squares Saturn on the 21st, we may run into stopping blocks which may be f**cking annoying. And it will definitely frustrate you. During this time you are prone to developing a self defeating attitude, you may hate yourself for your inability to do things right. When we are immersed in this transit it’s important to separate yourself from your accomplishments. You are more than certificates or what your responsibilities may hold for you. When we have a counteractive transit like this, we want to avoid over-emphasizing Saturn qualities or Mars qualities. We need to be able to reconcile the two. How we do that is: 1). Working towards our obligations or the responsibilities we hold 2.) Creating some space for self discovery and agency. Don’t feel trapped in the structures you’ve been put into. The overwhelming Saturn energy of the first month can remind us of the time we have so little of, but in fact, time is only measurement---it’s also a pseudo measurement (is time even real?). Don’t judge or evaluate your life based on time.

After an intense retrograde period, fluctuating between Libra and Scorpio, Venus moves into the expansive and liberating sign of Sagittarius on the 8th. Venus will bring beauty, values, and art into the sign of exploration and beliefs. This is a time to seek out what you find beautiful in the world, which may require taking chances. With Saturn’s transits in the mix these chances won’t be all simultaneous. You’ve probably been sitting on an idea or been craving to visit a certain place, perhaps abroad. Well, now you are given an opening to truly explore the areas that you’ve been desiring as of late. In a larger sense, Venus in Sagittarius asks us to value the gift of expansion, whether that comes in the shape of diversity or opportunity. Accept difference. Appreciate difference. When Venus conjuncts Jupiter and squares Neptune on the 21st + grand fire trine we become more enthralled to make the first move. And these “moves” carry a lot of weight where consequences may be on the horizon  (refer back to Jupiter square Neptune). With the benefics, Venus and Jupiter conjuncting along with Neptune’s involvement, what appears in front us will look more appealing. We will get caught up in the beauty or the aesthetics of these things. Relationships can ignite during this transit because they will feel as if they are “just right” that you met the person of your dreams. But remember, Neptune likes to project more prettier layers onto things that are not so pretty. These illusions always shatter in the end, usually resulting in deception. Be careful of the people you meet, the people you may want to “fix.” There is a potential to developing a martyr as much as a God complex. You will see the good in people despite how much bad is trampled on top of it. Remember, not everyone’s problems is your problem and you need to honor that.

If you are a mutable sun sign (Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Virgo), these transits will affect your core sense of self (your Sun). This can afflict ego issues related to saving people, which can result in coloring their realities for them, convincing them they are in a vulnerable situation and their only solution is confiding you for help. Rather than being authentic in your intentions, this transit could promote the need to save others for the sake of feeling better about who you are---hiding egoism with altruism. We may save people as distraction from reflecting on our sense of self, our beliefs and actions that we’ve carried from the past and onward. So ask yourself: What is the meaning behind my actions? Does this reflect what I believe in? Gemini and Virgo will have a tougher time assessing these questions due to the conflict of the square, but luckily your Mercurial attributes will let you sit thoroughly for the answer.

Rewinding a little bit, we have a Sun conjunction Pluto couple days after the Solar Eclipse on the 11th. While we have this perception that Pluto transits are always “intense” and “bad” this transit is actually really useful. This is a time of empowerment and growing into yourself from the inside out. This is coming to terms of who you are through a Plutonian process, which is unsettling. What is great about this transit is we are given full control to dictate how the outcomes will unfold. In order for that to frutify, you need to be willing to take accountability. If you are not good with Pluto transits, you may deflect blame onto other people as facing destruction is just difficult. We can’t run away from the storm forever so embrace it. Mercury will also conjunct Pluto which will give us more of a finer eye to information. There is truth that is demanded to be found and in this case, it may be right in front of us.

On the 20th, Sun enters Aquarius! This new shift of energy will promote the cultivation of kinky, different, or out of ordinary ideas. This is a season of controversy but most of all, connection. People don’t normally subscribe “intimacy” with Aquarius but in fact, Aquarius is about integration, although less of interpersonal as it is collective integration. For some of us we are driven to get out of our comfort zone and get out into the world. When we don’t choose to integrate we pick the less desirable option and that is alienation. Counting yourself out may take away opportunities that are in arm’s grasp. The lunar eclipse in Leo occuring the day after the Sun moves in Aquarius gives us a chance to take a step back and evaluate what we are missing, the parts of us we feel unsatisfied with. Lunar eclipses are generally a time to hide away so be critical with yourself as Aquarius/Leo axis suggests issues relating to the self and identity.

Lastly, on a not so important note: Uranus in Aries goes direct on the 6th. While this may not cultivate extreme situations, knowing where this direct will occur could yield some importance. Uranus going direct is a good opportunity to strive for newness in your life. This is about claiming your autonomy and not apologize for doing so. This transit could be very important if it conjuncts to your ascendant, midheaven, descendant, or immum coeli.


Ferocious Aries, you are starting the year off on an explosive note. As Mars conjuncts or passes through your first house, there is a more conscious urge to act. This action may be centered around your career interests as a jam packed Capricorn stellium nestles in your 10th house. For you, structure isn’t your best friend. You want to separate. Do things on your own terms. But for the time being, you must work with the rules you are given. January can be a time of trying things out, exploring your options, but there also needs to be a space for commitment. Venus transiting through your 9th house conjunct to Jupiter will offer new opportunities and visions. This is a great extension to work alongside with the goals you’ve set for the upcoming year. Venus in the 9th house can also suggest new ties to spirituality and self discovery. Be open to newness and what the Universe can bring you. Venus also has rulership of your 2nd (Taurus)  and 7th houses (Libra). Relationships can be formed during the beginning of the year, especially with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction that will make romance feel pleasurable and understanding. This transit also has ties to materials, where we can bring more resources (whether money or tangibles) into our lives. Although, we mustn’t forget Neptune’s involvement which will make our perceptions more colored and idealistic. Who you meet may feel like a dream, they may feel like “the one” but be cautious because Neptunian fantasies always shatter in the end. What may feel right may not always be safe. This also applies to your finances and stability. If you plan on moving or signing off on contracts, be very deliberative of the process. Weigh your options thoroughly.

The beginning of the month we are charged with a Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, which will affect your 10th house.  The eclipses affect our sequences of time so our movement through this energy can be funky or abnormal. Surely, there will be unexpected oddballs coming your way especially if Uranus is angular (conjunct) your ascendant when it goes direct on the same day. There is no specific way (nor should there be) with harnessing this energy. Eclipses can be termed as “malefic” meaning, they aren’t that good for us. What we can extract during this transit is to just be. Changes will unravel in front of us we just have to be prepared to handle them accordingly.

Once Sun conjuncts Pluto on the 11th of January: take a break. This is a time where you don’t want to overextend yourself because the energy of this transit isn’t productive to getting things done. Sun-Pluto conjunction will be heavy and melancholic. Use it as a time of reflection and re-assessment. Your plans may reach a stumbling block or they will go completely south. But it could be a helpful space for recalibrating. Once Mercury conjuncts Saturn on the 13th you’re gonna get back on track. Saturn’s messages to Mercury will allow you to stay focused and concise. Provide the necessary conditions for yourself to grow and learn. The only task with this transit is being deliberative. Being Martian ruled, you like going against the grain but its the grain that will be your best friend these coming months. Don’t rush analyzing your options. Sit with them. Judge them carefully.

Second half of the month Sun goes into the electric sign of Aquarius on January 20th. The Sun transits from your 10th into the 11th house of futurism and fortune. During Aquarius season, your task is to integrate—to become one with society. This is also a great time to network and communicate with the outside world. Due to this house being associated with gifts and good fortune, the second half of the month will feel almost like a breeze. You will have more space to move around from and to. You may also want to focus on platonic connections. Due to the ruler of the 11th house (Saturn) being in your 10th house, these connections can be acquired from the workplace. You may have a better streak with your boss and possibly get a job promotion!

The day after, the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo will occur in your 5th house, which is the house of pleasures, children, and hobbies. This eclipse may bring back events from our last eclipse season in 2017. In fact, you may reach a completion or resolution of those situations. The lunar eclipse asks us to retreat, and brings along a lot of intense feels. You can’t abandon it. You have to stay present with your emotions. Due to this occurring within your fifth house, the lunar eclipse asks how you define yourself and most of all, how you present that to other people. You may want agency to do the things that bring you must joy but instead, you feel confined to your commitments. You want to break free but you just can’t given the situation. The lunar eclipse will help you reconcile those feelings.


Steady Taurus, you start off the year with a simmered Mars in Aries transiting your 12th house. In astrology, the 12th house gets a bad rep. It’s the house of transcendent (non medical) illness, enemies, and the unconscious. A big part of the 12th house is also isolation. Hospitals and prisons are examples of some 12th house things. But, most of all, the 12th house is the last house of our house system. This represents an ending. Whatever situation you’ve been tackling in 2018, which based on the past few retrogrades could be centered on relationships, will finally come to a close in the beginning of the new year. Mars is the planet of division, inflammation and severing but in the 12th house exists vagueness. You may feel deep and entrenched urges but you’re unsure of how to act on them. This will be “inflamed” when Mars squares Saturn in your 9th house. You are slowly opening yourself to new horizons, but there needs to be construction around those new visions. The Mars-Saturn square will make you immobile, specifically around tasks that will be the most important to you. This will frustrate you, and maybe drive you into a place of disconnection. But remember: you can’t completely dismember yourself. Use this transit for deliberative processes. See what isn’t working anymore or for a more taurean framework, see what “old” qualities can be traded in for new ones. While it’s necessary to secure your resources, it’s even more effective to secure the right tools.

However, the big transit for you this month is Venus transiting in your 8th house which will conjunct to Jupiter on the 21st. As a Taurus Rising, you want to pay attention how Venus moves through your chart. Despite the 8th house being branded as morbid, the house also handles inheritances. Jupiter’s involvement will exacerbate these gains specifically to the people around you (family members or partners). With a massive Capricorn stellium sitting on your 9th house for the first half of January, expect new opportunities associated with these inheritances. I believe this will be an easy ride compared to the shit storms you’ve had in the second half of 2018. New resources will be gained, and so will the expansion of your discovery. This could be a time of learning more about yourself, or repairing back the broken pieces that shattered during Venus rx. Whichever it will be you will be at the forefront of it. More than not, revelations will occur throughout the first month of the new year. Listen to what your inner self is trying to communicate to you.

The second half of January will have the Sun conjuncting tightly to Mercury in Aquarius. Due to this conjunction occuring at the exact degree as the Mars retrograde of 2018, expect similar themes from late June 2018 to reappear back into your life. These themes will focus on career, life paths, and authority figures. Sun-Mercury conjunction in the 10th house and Mars in the 12th suggests these issues will finally find closure in your life. This will be a time to breathe and reset.

Okay, Taurus let’s talk about Eclipse season. You have the Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 6th of January affecting your 9th house. This isn’t going to be a super strong Solar Eclipse due to its weak conjunctions with the nodes, but this could be a pretty powerful time on bringing new things into your life. As the stubborn fixed earth sign that you are, you may find unease with this change, but newness will encourage discovery. Thwarting change will only encourage repression and inactivity. Due to this eclipse being in Capricorn, the results of this eclipse will be seen as the year progresses as you build alongside it. I would say “be patient” but you’re already an expert on that!

Our next eclipse, the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, will be affecting your 4th house on the 21st. The same day, there will be a grand fire trine occurring between Mars (Aries), the Eclipse (Leo), and Jupiter (Sagittarius). This intense fire can be uncomfortable to you, especially occurring between such houses, but this may be the last push to change that you need. You will likely revisit the past or find severing in your familial relationships or close bonds. Given that the last Venus rx affected your 7th house you’ve already had your share of breakups, and messy partnership stories. This last breakaway will feel good for you, even though it may feel uncomfortable in the process. As you’re growing in separation you are also growing into personal strength and independence.

The month of January will be a proper ending to a shitty past year. Once February rolls around, you’ll get your wings ready to fly.

CJISIIxb (1).jpg

First weeks of January will have you dragged by your feet. Don’t fight it, flexible Gemini. The Capricorn stellium consisting of the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto will squeeze into your 8th house. You may feel trapped, as this house can be associated with debts, taxes, death (morbid, I know), and inheritances. Mars, the planet of inflammation, cutting, and aggression, will move into the 11th house of fortune, wishes, and community. In astrology, Mars is often categorized as a “malefic” or in other words, not so “nice” planet. The intention of Mars is to separate, or divide amongst its options. You may feel separated from your world, Gemini. Conflicts can occur among friends and if you are part of the business world this can be a time of corporate financial setbacks.

Working with such intense energies requires just your presence and nothing more. Don’t try to abandon these feelings. Saturn and Pluto have been dancing around your 8th house for quite some time, so the ambiance of morbidity shouldn’t be new but the new year is asking for you to attend these issues. As the Sun conjuncts Mercury, there will be more attentive focus to handle them accordingly. The first month of the year may be a time to focus on yourself separate from horde in your life. This is a time to get secured. This security may focus on future generations, such as securing your own life insurances or working towards a savings account of some kind. With the Capricornian and Saturian influence, these actions may feel like obligations and with that comes the need for commitment. Make sure you have enough money and resources to support your future projects. The Partial Solar Eclipse will conjunct loosely to the South Node in Capricorn, representing a completion. For you, this could manifest as breaking away from a financial contract or paying off all your loans.

In better news, Venus links up with Jupiter in your 7th house of partnerships. The Jupiter-Neptune square will also occur among your 7th and 10th house. This could indicate relationships among the workplace, which carry heavy risks and liabilities. Jupiter wants to say “yes” while Neptune enhances the fantasy of it all. Be cautious and observant.

Despite the malefic Mars in your 11th house that is bound to severe friendships and your belonging to your respective communities, Venus in the 7th house will provide some bonds to this social fabric. Rather than walking away, you will want to soothe these tensions or you may connect individually with the people you meet.

Due to Venus’ ingress to Sagittarius, more exploration will be brought into romance. You may be entering a relationship with much different conditions than you’re used to. If you’re not that hot about romance this may be the time to learn the importance of them, and how they work. Such lessons could include reciprocity, intimacy, and trust. You will be entering new waters!

Towards the later end of January, much of that 8th house stellium energy moves into your 9th house of higher education, beliefs, and travels. Sun conjunction Mercury in Aquarius will certainly construct new and controversial ideas around certain topics or will put you into new surroundings. If you’re starting college, this energy will aid you in mental concentration and prioritization. This will make you a more willing participant in the classroom and also in large based discussion. But the big focus is your beliefs. As a Gemini rising, you got a lot to say but it’s time to make sense of them, and apply them where it matters. Aquarius is still a Saturn ruled sign, but instead of building Aquarius works to integrate. The 9th house examines more wider-based integration. It works towards tolerance and diversity. This transit may take you to places you’ve never seen, to ideas you never thought of. It will be a really exciting time.

Lastly, the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo ignites on the 21st, affecting your 3rd house. This house is rather mundane. The results of this eclipse won’t be thoroughly seen or felt when it fully unravels within the next year. Although, this could amount to small changes surrounding how you live your life, and navigate in your immediate communities (such as neighborhoods). With the Sun being in your ninth and the eclipse in your third, you may be moving somewhere around 2019-2020


Moonchild, you start the year with the important task of self love and interpersonal discipline. The massive Capricorn stellium, which includes the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto will be affecting your 7th house of partnerships. For you, 2018 was filled with heartbreak, dissatisfaction, and separation. If you are in a relationship atm the new year will teach you to implement boundaries where they are needed. I mention about boundaries A LOT and while they sound so simple to do they can be difficult. How we implement boundaries is to be analytical of the relationship. We need to see what’s making us uncomfortable, or what areas in the relationship exists unequal effort. Remember: the energy of your 7th house is ruled by Saturn so in order for a relationship to be successful and most beneficial to you both parties are required to put in effort. This opens up space for long term commitment but with a catch. If you aren’t ready for this next stage then Saturn will bulldoze the relationship in its entirety. If you are ready for the next stage then Saturn will provide you the tools to work towards setting up those foundations.

If you are not in a relationship Saturn passing along your descendant can manifest as learning the importance of partnership and how helpful tag teaming can be when it comes to achieving goals. These partnerships don’t have to be romantic and in fact, they probably won’t be. One of the major lessons of Saturn in the 7th house is to not rush into romance unless you are absolutely ready. Another important lesson is that you don’t need to accept everyone’s love, nor will you want to. This is a time for necessary independence as a layer of growth and self love.

Once Mercury conjuncts Saturn on the 13th of January you will be able to make a forward plan of how you want your relationship or social connections to look like. Reiterating, this may be the solid time to communicate your boundaries with loved ones. You’ve been through a rough past year so cultivate and protect your energy. Be discriminant of the connections you wish to continue and the ones you want to burn away. You’re more powerful than what popular astrology likes to lead on. Grow into your agency. Grow into your power.

Aside from relationships, you’re gonna be really active this first month. First, Mars in Aries finds home in your 10th house of your career and life path. While this may cause some tension with you and authority figures, Venus will conjunct to the great benefic, Jupiter, in your 6th house of obligations and health. You will be able to get your projects off the ground (finally). This could also indicate an alleviation to debt or pressing financial matters. With the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo occurring in the 2nd house this could signify a cumulation of events within the realm of money and security.

On the 29th of January, the Sun and Mercury moves into Aquarius and ignities a conjunction in your 8th house. This Sun-Mercury conjunction will be exact to the Mars retrograde in Aquarius from 2018. Similar themes from late June 2018-October 2018 will come back for a second bite. Unfortunately, this energy will be intense since the 8th house carries some morbid themes, such as obsessive thoughts related to mortality (death), taxes, and shame. However, this will also represent an ending of what you tackled last year. However, Sun-Mercury conjunction will provide you more attentive mental focus to the related issue(s).


Prideful lion, you enter the new year on a grim note. Mercury will enter Capricorn, joining the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in your sixth house of health, routines, and obligations. Mercury will provide a structured focus to make necessary lifestyle changes. Most obvious changes can be dietary or cleanliness-based. There will be new additives in your routines that could accelerate changes when the Partial Solar Eclipse ignites on the 6th of January. The darker side of this energy could also expedite undetected illnesses. Listen to your body during this time.

Venus moves into Sagittarius conjunct to Jupiter on the 21st of January. The glamorous Venus-Jupiter conjunction will occur in your 5th house of pleasure. This is a perfect opportunity to give love to your body and surroundings. Venus loves to add pleasure when she can while Jupiter exacerbates where she touches. The end result is a nice comfort in the cacophony of madness.

Mars will also be transiting into your 9th house, which will expand your interests and flicker the urge to move out of your current residency and physically explore new ones. Mars is an explosive force so this could trigger new settings and ideas to put forth into later projects. Mars could also pour in excess, which causes inflammation. There may be some stumble blocks in your educational career or matters foreign to you. This could potentially cause cultural severing, especially among family gatherings as Mars also rules your fourth house (Scorpio).

Second half of January packs several punches for you, Leo. First, Sun moves into your 7th house and then a Total Lunar Eclipse transits through your 1st house. For some of you, this eclipse might conjunct your ascendant. This eclipse will serve as a cumulation of events from the last several eclipses, which centered around identity and discovering the truest and most effective parts of yourself. This is your last hoorah of getting closer to yourself, and that includes the unsettling and shameful parts too. The eclipse will not only bring retrospection but emotional intensity as well. Get comfortable in the drama of it all. Stay present with those emotions rather than curtailing it for distractions. You want to be centered during this time, perhaps more than anything!


Organized Virgo, the new year will be an opportunity to offer construction around your life. Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in your 5th house of pleasure and hobbies will provide foundation to your artistic visions. Once Mercury conjuncts Saturn on the 13th of and later with Pluto on the 18th will offer great mental precision to tidy up the problem areas of your projects. As Virgo risings, you want to pay attention what Mercury is doing in your chart so this could be an amazing time for revision or providing greater framework for your creative and romantic life. Poetically this could be a pivot point for turning passions/hobbies into career paths (which could be further accelerated by the Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn)

Venus will be transiting your 4th house and conjunct Jupiter on the 21st. You will be finding home elsewhere or creating your own personal origin stories separate from the past. But don’t frown, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction will offer great desire in this area.

Perhaps the most difficult transit will happen in the beginning of the year as Mars ingresses Aries into your 8th house. Mars will create separative feelings related to the way you hold your trauma or shame. This will trigger immense growth but the process will be uncomfortable. A lot of independence will be formed during this time as consequence. Due to Mars offering division into your 8th house I wouldn’t suggest bonding your finances with partners or loved ones anytime soon. The manifestation of this energy could also trigger immense anxiety over your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others around you (which surprisingly isn’t so untypical for you). However, you may feel trapped in this anxiety. Don’t let it over consume you. I know that sounds a bit cliche, but one of the ways you can minimize these stressful feelings is being in control. Stay present the best you can. If you need to check out then don’t beat yourself over it. This will be an intense period for you, but it’s only part of a larger process of growing into your own power.

I want to take a brief detour into the Neptune-Jupiter square because it will be angular, therefore wield great importance in your chart and serve as a major theme in 2019. As Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces for the first of three times this year on the 13th, you will find tensions between your relationships and personal living situations. You may want to move in with a potential partner or get stuck in the complicatedness of where to ground yourself. Neptune’s involvement can either create vibrancy or mirage. Be clear of the people you are getting involved with, and how you want to further those relationships.

Later end of January we have a Sun cazimi Mercury. If you are not familiar with astro lingo, cazimi means Mercury is within 15 minutes from the Sun or as some astrologers would refer it “being in the heart of the Sun”. Due to Mercury being afflicted with the Sun’s rays this could saturate the precision and mental processing of Mercury, but it can also cast great light on the communicative planet to gather more profound insight and clarity on issues it seeks most useful and valuable. This powerful conjunction will occur in your sixth house so you may find ease slipping into new habits or more constructive of how you want to achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

Lastly, the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo transits into the barren and desolate 12th house. For you, this Eclipse will be a rather withdrawn period. Due to this house containing hidden energies, the Eclipse may trigger need to isolate yourself and understand your internal vibrancies. However, this will be our last Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo so this will certainly serve as a closure for these meditative detours.


Dear Libra, this new year offers a set of bullet holes and heartache. Mars ingresses Aries into your 7th house of partnerships. In Aries, Mars will feel most comfortable to do Mars things, which includes severing, aggression, and inflammation. In the house of social bonding Mars is not the most ideal. Relationships can falter during the first month of the year and this may be the time where you won’t be as interested to keep it together. Due to last year’s Mars and Venus retrograde, you’ve had your share of breakups. You’re now growing into your own, which has come to fruition after Venus left its shadow period last month. You will be coming into this new year with a clear lens but unfortunately, baggage still remains. Toxicity in your 1-on-1 relationships need cutting (Mars) in order for you to finally be set free.  The act of cord-cutting can be unsettling, even more so for Venus risings such as yourself. Your immediate focus is to bind but this first month of the new year will teach you the importance of separation.

Venus will be transiting into your 3rd house on the 8th and conjunct Jupiter on the 21st. As a Libra rising, what Venus is doing in your chart entails great importance. The 3rd house is rather mundane but the Venus-Jupiter conjunction can indicate “poetic” communicative abilities or finding more ground in your immediate surroundings. This may be a time where you can start bonds with neighbors or igniting old flames with fellow siblings. Because this energy is expressed in the expansive sign of Sagittarius, you will be more open to possibility. A series of “firsts” can be underway for you, Venusian child.

So let’s talk about family. You will have this big Capricorn stellium in your fourth house. As Saturn and Pluto have passed through your fourth, and for some conjunct to your Imum Coleli, you’ve had some rocky foundations with your home life. You may have felt suffocated by your parents, specifically due to their authority status (Saturn) in the home. You’ve been trying to keep things together but they will only become more prominent in the new year. Due to your flexibility you’ve been able to maneuver around the structures of the home, but your Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the 3rd house wants more room for creativity and the home may not be a productive setting for such a task. As consequence, disconnections between you and your family will reach a breaking point. Once the Partial Solar Eclipse ignites on the 6th you may find a pull away from home and tempted to create your own foundations. This will worsen once Mars squares Saturn on the 21st, which will have you itching to find new settlement but be smacked by detest from your parents. These back and forths can be tough and in some cases, it can leave you immobile. Don’t settle for the least conflict averted option. Your heart needs a home, and frankly the one you’re in now isn’t the proper place.

Towards the end of January, Sun and Mercury move into Aquarius and conjunct in your fifth house of pleasures and creativity. You will be weaving back into your old self, where you can explore how you want to express yourself through art and beauty. Due to this energy being in Aquarius, this can offer a lot of variety to your option and who may want to bring connections into these projects as well.

Lastly, the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo occurs in your 11th house of futurism and community. This will serve as a closure of events that have taken place from the last two years most likely surrounding friendships or with respective communities. Suggesting the other energy in your chart, this may serve as a goodbye to these ties as your heart willows for new and fresher options.


Scorpions, the new year brings mundane changes to your life. The massive Capricorn stellium of the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto will be taking place in the 3rd house of communication. This energy will be focused on daily tasks, such as errands and ultimately will be a less consciously felt change. However, this could be an iterative process where small changes can upscale to transformation. This could be an annoying or fickle energy as your day-to-day life will be the most affected. As the Partial Solar Eclipse unwinds on the 6th this could make things funky. If you are driving make sure you are attentive and not passing by major highways.

For you, the most important transit of the month is Mars transiting through Aries. Being “Mars” ruled, Mars will carry the most brute in your personal chart. Mars will be going through your 6th house of health, obligations, and debt. You will be less compliant during this time, especially around tasks you are required to do. Mars prefers to severe and act out rather than working within structure or routine. However, Mars also loves to get things done, and in the quickest way possible. The fire could trigger changes regarding health, how you carry yourself and be one with your body. I believe this is an effective space to follow through your New Year’s Resolutions, but remember Mars carries excess at its worst. Be diligent and prioritize the multiple worlds in your life. On the 21st, Mars will square Saturn. I want you to mark this date. Seriously, it’s gonna be important. For you, this day can be a giant pile of dissatisfaction and woes. There is so much to be done in your day-to-day life that it could feel heavy and destabilizing. Don’t push yourself too hard this day. Saturn physically won’t let you, so don’t stress about it. Take a nap, do some retreat work---anything else to make you less of a ticking time bomb.

Venus will finally be moving out of your 1st house (let the sighs of relief commence!) and into your 2nd house of finances, security and resources on the 8th. Due to Venus ruling both your 7th (Taurus) and 12th (Libra) houses you may find an easier time to relate to your partner in financial matters, but make sure you’ve looked at the details as deception can occur among this area. Make sure all your bases are checked. Once Venus in Sagittarius meets with bountiful Jupiter on the 21st you will find new tangibles in your life. These can be bought on your own, handed down to you, or surprised to you by loved ones.

Alright Scorpio, let’s talk about self acceptance. This past year you’ve had Venus retrograde go back in forth between the 12th house of deception, unconscious and isolation and your 1st house of identity. You’ve fell apart from those you loved, or felt foreign in your own body. You blamed yourself time and time again. With this new year, it’s important to find the grace and importance of being you---to accept yourself, and that means ALL the parts, even the ugly ones. Venus in the 2nd house, will give you space to be in touch with yourself. This could be a good opportunity to value who you are, even if you have difficulty with accepting that from others. In fact, you don’t need anyone to tell you or convince you. It just needs to come from you.

Towards the end of the month, we have Sun and Mercury moving into Aquarius in the 4th house of family. This Sun and Mercury conjunction will be close, in fact Mercury will be only 15 minutes away from the Sun. The Sun-Mercury cazimi will offer insight and clarity. Due to this conjunction happening in the same degree as Mars retrograde in Aquarius from 2018, this insight will be brought to areas that were emphasized during last summer. If you’ve had estranged family members, you might find yourself being able to pick up the phone this time around. This could also allude to retrospective thinking. You’re able to move on, you just gotta accept the future for what it is.


Outspoken Sagittarius, this new year will be a firm light on issues related to identity and self actualization. Venus moves into your first house on the 8th and conjuncts with Jupiter (your chart ruler) on the 21st. This is a big deal, especially since your Jupiter’s children. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction will bring more honesty and expansion of the world around you. There is a lot you want to do this year, there are things you want to see changed. You may acquire wealth this time, either literally or metaphorically. In fact, who you are right now may be drastically different towards the later-end of 2019. Jupiter on your ascendant will refashion you from the ground up. While this may be liberating, the massive Capricorn stellium in your 2nd house will remind you of your responsibilities. You aren’t free just yet. With Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in your 2nd house there is a strong pull towards finding ground to make your dreams have meaning, specifically emphasizing your resources and finances. In order for those dreams to take place you need to have the proper tools for them to properly frutify. In other words, we can’t accumulate out of nowhere. We need to put the work in to drive that accumulation. While this may *seem* intense this could be a necessary urge to stay maintained in your material world. Too much steam can make you fly off in infinity somewhere.

Mercury conjunct Saturn on the 13th is a great time to get constructive about your resources. With mental processing acute, you may feel a bit uncomfortable sizing in on details but you will have an idea of what isn’t working and what is! This could also be a good time to declutter your working space and resources. Don’t be afraid to throw things away. It can be a nice cord-cutting experience for you.

As we get deeper into January, Sun and Mercury will move into your 3rd house of communication. The Sun-Mercury conjunction will be a massive one as Mercury will be right in the heart of the Sun. This will provide great mental clarity regarding picking up projects or in this case, finishing them. The Mars retrograde of 2018 occurred almost at the exact degree so, if you are a writer or journalist then your work will be near fruition. If you are not a writer then this conjunction will be great for doing school work or other mental-related tasks. The day after, The Total Lunar Eclipse will be affecting your 9th house of higher education and travel. If you are a college student, this is a good opening for getting deeper into your studies and becoming more involved in your beliefs and embodying them. You are well endowed with what you believe in, but now it’s time to stay true to them, and hold them authentically.

Let’s talk about the Jupiter square Neptune. For you, this is a big deal. For others, not so much. Due to Jupiter being angular in your chart this amounts great significance, especially as the Jupiter-Neptune square will be the major theme of 2019. This square will occur among your 1st and 4th houses. This is a typical “who am I” vs “who have I been?” In some branches of astrology, 1st-4th houses can represent old age. In my astrology, I look at this relationship in a very retrospective glance. Your first house is always changing, in terms of identity that is. Your fourth house is your roots and we all grow out of our roots sometime in our lives. The Jupiter-Neptune square will indicate vibrations and saturation around these areas. You’re not quite sure how you want to see yourself in this world, especially separate from the ones you love and call “family.” As Mars has been passing through your family house for the greater half of December, the holidays have been whack and you’re itching for something different. You are growing and the growing pains hurt. But while you may find relief, don’t go based on how they look. You can easily be fooled by appearances. So be observant and question. Always.


Diligent Capricorn, this first month is gonna be *huge* for you. As of right now, you have the Sun, Saturn and Pluto in your first house with soon to be Mercury. This large stellium in the house of identity opens a year long journey to discovering the most effective parts of you; however the process will deconstruct your ego and you will feel smashed in the depth of it. This will be an intense journey, you *may* (actually, you will) cry and of course, in true Capricorn fashion this will be done alone. While we aren’t meant to transverse this world alone, no one can feel this pain but you. If you have to isolate yourself, don’t apologize for it. You are deep into a journey of self exploration and self love. There will be months where you can’t give yourself just that. Don’t kick yourself over it. Stay present with the woes. What the Universe wants you to do is live, live alongside your experiences, and grow more wisdom through the f*ck ups and heartache. There can be success, and there can be failures. Accept it all. Every experience is part of you and you can’t erase that truth.

Okay, so unwinding a bit from the dramatics..the Partial Solar Eclipse hits your 1st house which could exacerbate these feelings. It will be a very intense time for you, but you have to stay embodied.  On the 8th, Venus transits into your 12th house and conjuncts Jupiter on the 21st. The 12th house is a hidden house, representing our unconscious and deception. For you, this will be a time to get comfortable in solitude. You’ve already felt Jupiter in the 12th but once Venus conjoins there will be a strong urge of finding internal truth. If you’ve never done mediation then I suggest easing into the process and looking around websites to get proper information. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction will bring more comfort in being alone, and while you may struggle with maintaining yourself in the social fabric of things, its okay to drift off. In fact, you may completely disconnect from the people you’ve used to construct a sense of self around. Disconnection may feel like loss, or pain but processes like these help us understand who we are in a very complex and dearth world.

Mars in Aries will be going through your fourth house of family and the past. Mars loves to cut, aggress and divide. For you, home life will not be the best place to run to, and you may actually run away from it. This will create more identity formations as the people you’ve grown up with, loved, and adopted values from won’t be central in the picture anymore. You will find new areas to get these things from. Once Saturn squares Mars on the 21st, you may be at odds whether you want to completely distance yourself from family. For a lot of us who depend on our families for financial help, this may not seem a plausible option for most of us. As a Capricorn rising myself, I feel Mars ripping the familial strings as it is. My values no longer correspond with the people I love. And that’s okay. Sometimes we need these breakaways to find our own truth. Despite if it might hurt.

Towards the end of the month, Sun-Mercury conjunction in your 2nd house brings more insight regarding resources and how you want to ground yourself. This may be a good time to get things in order for the first time in perhaps, months. Remind yourself of what tasks you have to complete. As the Total Lunar Eclipse emboldens your 8th house of mortality, shared resources and taxes, there may be re-configurations regarding how much money your partners’ or loved ones receive. This could be a time where you will feel drowned in stress and reminded of your past shame. Don’t turn around from the ugly parts of your world. Live alongside with it.


Electric Aquarius, this past year has probably been insane. You’ve had Mars retrograde in your first house for most of the year and you will be shoved into the new year with a massive stellium in your 12th house. However, you’ve already got a taste of Saturn and Pluto but once Mercury moves into Capricorn and conjunct the Sun you may feel the energy more emboldened. The 12th house typically refers to what’s hidden either through our spiritual plane/unconscious or deception. This house isn’t friendly. You’ve probably had your share of internal anxiety, unsure of how you want to move forward, and alienated not just from the world but from yourself as well. This is an intense time but being aware of such intensity teaches us to be resilient and patient. The Saturn in your 12th house will teach you accountability and how your own doings have resulted in your demise. You are trying to reconstruct these bad habits, while learning the more effective and greater parts of who you are. This is a deep process so be comfortable with complexity and confusion. Don’t try to understand it despite how much you want to. Let things be.

Venus will be transiting through your 11th house, which will be your push into the real world. Your friends will be there to remind you of your faults. As Mars goes into your 3rd house of communication you may some controversial things that warrant a call out. Listen. Don’t proceed with justifying your actions based on your own personal logic. Your friends are there to help you and expand your interpretation of the world.

The second month of January is a pivot point for you. Sun will move into your first house on the 20th and conjunct Mercury on the 29th. This will drive more clarity in terms of how you want to live and navigate in your body. You’ve had misunderstandings and lost feelings about yourself this past summer. Now, it’s time to get to the root of it. It’s time to adopt your own personal mantra and to stick with it as you move onward through the year. But perhaps the most closure setting for you will be the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 21st. This Lunar Eclipse will take place in your 7th house of partnerships. Look, we’ve all met that someone during Eclipse season and thought everything fell into place. We got heartbroken or deceived. This is time to finally move on from the relationship. This is a cumulation period so let go. Let go peacefully.


Delirious Pisces, this new year will be the chance to prove yourself. For you, the massive Capricorn stellium sits in the 11th house of friendships, community and fortune. When the Sun conjuncts Saturn and then later Pluto, you will feel a plight regarding your social circles. Friendships can be deconstructed or be built anew. When Mercury conjuncts Saturn on the 13th you will start figuring out which friendships requires your separation from and which requires your full integration. This is the year of cord-cutting. Do it more often. In fact, start setting boundaries with how much efforts you want to give to your friends. For you Pisces, you’re the mythical healer of the zodiac. You want to help everyone and everything. But sometimes, people don’t need healing. When someone shows you their truth, accept it instead of trying to morph it. This is especially true as Neptune passes through your first house and for some, conjunct your ascendant.

So let’s talk about Jupiter. As a Pisces rising you want to pay attention to Jupiter’s detours because those will affect you the most.  Jupiter is currently in your 10th house of career and life paths, and soon will be conjoined by Venus on the 21st. If you’re hoping for a new perspective on how you want to lead your success, or if it’s just a simple raise this could be your calling. This will relatively be a good time; however, I worry about Neptune’s involvement. Jupiter square to Neptune will be the overall theme of the year, and Venus will shortly square Neptune as it conjuncts Jupiter. While these opportunities are the signs you’ve been waiting for just be cautious. Jumping head first can lead to some consequences that will be surreal by the second Neptune-Jupiter square in the summer of 2019.

As for Mars, she has been transiting through your first house and let’s just say, it’s been rough. You’ve become acquainted with the ugly parts of yourself and hell, you maybe cut your hair. No matter what, you’ve asserted yourself in the right places. As Mars goes home in Aries in the 2nd house of finances and self value, your test is to give yourself ground. The issue is that Mars likes to be triggered. She likes to sever and aggress. There will be a lot dreams coming true for you this year, but you need the material resources to support it. Mars likes to spend, she likes to do what she wants! But you need to maintain responsibility in this area despite what urges will form.  However, sometimes Mars likes to wield us the sword when we must need it. This is a house of self worth, and the only person who can truly love you for you, despite the imperfections is YOU. The sword will be used to cut the feelings or wants of people to see you how you want them to, the people you want attention from. If you have to beg someone for attention chances are they don’t care about you. The fire trine that will persist in your 2nd, 10th and 6th house is determination to get your life in control, and to live it on your terms. The only person who can make your life the way you want it is YOU (you’re picking up the pattern, right?).

Once the Sun and Mercury move into Aquarius in your 12th house you may get a little uneasy. The 12th house is a dark place. In fact, the Sun’s light can’t be seen and it won’t be until it finally moves into your ascendant. Despite how sucky that sounds, this will give you a chance to get personal with yourself. It will offer you the mental precision to see what parts of yourself still needs work. This won’t be new. Considering the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will occur at the exact degree as the last Mars retrograde of summer 2018 means you will be dealing with the same themes. This is your closure, so take it. Last but not least is the Total Lunar Eclipse happening on the 21st of January in the 6th house of obligations and health. This is a completion period. Another closure hooray! For you, this could mean exiting out of debt or a contract of sorts, which could be liberating for your Jupiter in the 10th house. This could also be a time to integrate into your day-to-day life by letting a dirty habit go. Be at peace with decluttering. It helps purge the toxins.

tess lee