Horoscopes 12/18-12/23


✩ We are almost at the finish line, girls and theys! We have a very energetic week ahead and it all seems to unfold towards the very end, right in time for the start of Capricorn season. We have a nice Venus sextile Saturn which is the first test for us to take all the mess and lessons learned during the rx period and start integrating them into our daily lives. This is a great time to take some financial initiatives whether its saving for the long term or opening up a joint bank account. The energy of this transit is really supportive of structures within relationships so if you’re in one right now, you will be taking some major steps. The issue is that these steps need commitment, so don’t sign up for something if you’re gonna bail within a three weeks time.

We also have a Mars sextile Pluto and despite Pluto’s involvement, this transit is gonna be the right push that we need. Just be careful with its energy because it can make you more on edge than what you’re used to. It can also manifest in separative actions that may be self sabotaging. What we are meant to do with this transit is to be willful and come into our power, to make effective changes and be on track for greater things. There is a lot of action built into this transit so use it wisely.

On December 21st we have Venus trine Neptune, Sun moving into Capricorn and the very next day we have a full moon at 0 degree Cancer *takes deep breath.* The Venus trine Neptune paired with this Full Moon in Cancer is a call to be more mindful of the people around us and the struggles we are going through. With the holidays coming around, this is the perfect time to pitch in when you can and to also be incredibly thankful of what you have. Because this full moon is occurring at 0 degrees Cancer, the energy of this transit is going to be really initiative. It’s def gonna feel a lot! So be gentle with yourself. Make intentions on how to cultivate a more effective personal space and be authentic with what you’re willing to put work in and where you need to retreat. Be kind, be incredibly kind. ✩

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We are close to the end of 2018 and you’ve worked incredibly hard, Aries. You’ve built healthier conditions for your well being and dealt with the uneasy process of letting go. You’ve learned all you can from the past, now it’s time to let it rest. You have bigger fish to fry and you’re just getting started with developing a better future for yourself. Take this time to rest while you can but also be excited for the opportunities that will surely come your way. This may include departing from the nest or those close to you but don’t worry, you’re used to the process of separation. Sometimes we have to get rid of what’s no longer useful for us in order to make room for our own personal blossomings.


How are you doing, Taurus? Last month was pretty rough but it’s okay we all have those moments. This week may be a bit challenging but you’ve already been through hell and back so you might do just fine. Your assignment this time around is to stay firm in your independence. You had your fair share of nasty breakups but remember, your worth does not (and should never) be defined by others. Waves of confusion and feeling stuck will arrive but try, for the time being, to think of what conditions you need in order to develop a healthy ground to walk on. Being on your own is hard but the end of the week will grant you space to start imagining what your own comfort looks like.


Take some deep breaths, Gemini. You’re feeling wired with anxiety and intense feels but not sure of the source. And it’s ok to *not* know where its coming from but take it as a sign to get better. You will be going through some difficulties in the weeks ahead but don’t try and figure it out. In fact, put your mind on airplane mode. What will be your saving grace is those around you. Don’t be afraid to take up space and ask a friend for guidance. They are willing to help you.


You’ve already refashioned your daily living habits or you’re just about to, at least. But you’ve been dealing with some setbacks, recently. Don’t worry, you are not destabilized. You’re just in a phase of reflection. Being firm with change can be difficult for anyone and now you’re just asking for confirmation to make sure the paths you’ve lead are the right ones. Thing is only you can do this, so trust your own decisions. When an episode does occur, just take some deep breaths and stay with the emotions flowing in your body. The worst you can do is abandon it.


Stay present in your body, Leo. Our physical being is the most sensitive to energies so nourish it, and most of all: love it. This week you are jamming with action to get obligations/tasks that you’ve been working on the past couple of months completed. But despite that initial wave of relief, you may feel some woes toward the latter end of this week. Just a warning, you might get super tense or want to isolate yourself. Use this time to work on a better inner self and express these intensities through your activities or by just meditating.


People around you are calling for help, and this may be the week to remind yourself that while you want to be there for your friends and offer compassion it’s also a time to not forget you exist. The next few weeks may feel grilling, and you may not have enough “me time” so provide space for yourself to grow and to create. Stick with the boundaries between what you are willing to give and what you’re willing to keep.


Time to expand your horizons, Libra. You may feel a plethora of visions ricochet you this week but also make an effort to be realistic. Your assignment this week is really simple: get your life in order. Make small iterations that eventually lead to upscale change. Be patient with the process but also be diligent. And don’t forget to check in with yourself. Health may have flown under the radar so make sure to listen and follow through your bodily needs. These next coming of weeks will get you into the planning mindset. You are planning your long month retreat to materialize your vision. Stay focused.


Treat yourself this week, Scorpio. This is a good time to be experimental and to get a little romantic, or in touch with the physical nature of your body. On the downside, you can feel very off centered and more focused on a spiritual and psychic plane, which can lead to exhaustion. You feel connected to a million things at once so prioritize what you will work on and don’t be selfish to put you and your pleasures first this week. This is a generally easy time but it’s all how you make it. Most of all, this is a good time to make amends with any friends or colleagues. Bury the hatchet, accept the past and let it go.


Visions have been pouring onto the surface, now it’s time to support them. This week will be emphasized on integration and extraction. Integrate your ideas into reality and extract the tools needed to do so. This may involve hefty or important purchases. Either way, it’s important to get yourself on good ground that you can stand on. Anxiety or feelings of emptiness may be really daunting towards the end of the week. This is your monthly cleanse so don’t be afraid to plunge those toxins out of your body. These feelings can be intense or make you erratic so just stay present with the madness.. Don’t try and distract yourself with work just take time to check in with yourself.


This is going to be tense, Capricorn. Obligations will plop one on top of the other and you may feel like there is not enough time to do them. So, it’s super important to create a structure (more than ever) for yourself. Organization is key, my friends. And there will be periods of restlessness or intensity so it’s okay to take breaks when you need to. Relationships are also going to be emphasized this week. This is a great time to make commitments or taking things to the next level but remember: whatever is decided will be set in stone. So evaluate your options. If a relationship has not been working this is your time to finally leave.


Disconnection is the theme for you this week, Aquarius. You may not feel like yourself and that’s ok. The next couple of weeks will be a time for reflection and getting in touch with what you really want and hope to achieve. It’s ok to shut out the world but don’t overly punish yourself. If you’ve been needing a therapist or some guidance this is the perfect time to seek that out. The universe is supporting careful research and seeking of resources. As for the later end of this week, you may experience some ups and downs with health, specifically digestive problems or anything related to the stomach. This also could be a good time to finish a project you’ve been working for some time and getting all your obligations out of the way so you can finally rest.


It’s time to assert yourself, Pisces. You’ve been learning how to not only be a good advocate for others, but an advocate for yourself. Make boundaries between your friends + their problems and for yourself. It’s okay to take up space, and devote time for what you enjoy and to create as you please. This week is a good time to mend interpersonal drama and focus getting back into some good hobbies or developing new ones. Let your idealism take over. This is meant to be a generous and joyous time for you.

tess lee