Horoscopes 11/16-11/21


✩ Ah its that time again for the wonderful and yet, sometimes devious, Mercury retrograde! This Mercury rx in Sagittarius may be extra-annoying as Mercury rx will be detriment in the sign of Sagittarius. We may have some trouble being sensitive with other people’s feelings and viewpoints. Be wary of bluntness and arrogance. This isn’t a time where you want to prove a point to someone. However, this is a time to review your intentions and projects. Despite the jabber in communication, Mercury RX makes up for its “assholery” by pushing us to be creative and attentive to what we didn’t catch the first time. Be honest with what you don’t know by stepping out of conversations that you’re not familiar with or with topics that don’t necessarily apply to you. Avoid having a “soapbox moment” and instead: promote healthy conversations, active listening and leave your judgement behind. The biggest advice for this mercury rx is to be open, whether that be failure, new opportunities or criticism. Proceed with humility. Lastly, this Mercury rx will add some rearrangements to our romantic lives. Venus goes direct on 11/16 and with this change we are meant to integrate the lessons we learned during her wonderful and very longggg rx path. Mercury rx will help aid you with the process, and taking the little necessary steps. Mercury is also naturally related to relationships because it deals with verbal connection which is so important!!! This is a good time to stay firm or implement boundaries between you and others. With Mars entering Pisces we may feel pushed towards empathy and acting on the volition of others; however, too much consideration of those around us leads to misalignment of our own being. Don’t forget where you stand and don’t accommodate your space for others. Balance obligations with pleasures of the self.

Here’s some little Mercury Retrograde tips:
- Navigate conversations you really want to partake in and the ones you don’t. Practice stepping out when you need to. Understand you don’t have to be in places you don’t want to be in.
- Get those handy organizational apps. Notes and calendar features are also appreciated.
- Double check your work and appointment times, preferably during morning (when you wake up) and night (when you go to sleep)
- Invest in a journal (doesn’t have to be too fancy). Whenever you’re experiencing a strong expression of emotion (agitation, happiness, sadness etc). write about it. Cleanse your energy on paper and believe me, you will feel really good afterwards.

The week rounds out with a Mars in Pisces square to Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 19th. This energy is filled with a lot of exuberance but painful irritation. The energies of these planets are geared towards high expression and yes, it could amount to butting heads or hurting feelings. We may also have a strong “savior” complex during this time where we think we know the solution to all problems but alas, its best to proceed with humility and not assume everyone’s experiences are the same as yours. During this transit promote tolerance and willingness to stand up for what is right for others. ✩

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You’re getting more involved, Aries. You are starting to pay attention to the news, the people around you and you’re feeling your inner strings being tugged as call to action for those in need. While you may be rushed into the passion, remember to be precise. That is not to say what you’re doing right now is wrong, in fact, keep it up! However, it’s important to go along with the process rather than rushing to the end or going straight for impact. Assess your visions and how you want to change the world. There isn’t much happening with you on a personal level, but how you fit into the world has everything to do with you so take time to sit on it.


Whether you like it or not: you’re moving on, especially to better things! You’ve gained profound knowledge over these past couple of months, and you’re just about in the last stages of healing. However, this week may draw you into other people’s problems and knowing the loyal person you are, you’re gonna be tempted to offer your shoulder to cry on. Not to say helping your friends isn’t OK but be mindful of how much of your emotional energy are you worth giving. Too much distress and absorption of other people’s dramas could also misalign your inner detectors and intuition. Practicing boundaries is gonna be EXTRA important for you this week. Act with compassion but don’t be afraid to say no.


You’ve had your ups and downs, and now you are feeling energized. Pressures of the future may feel vividly tense this week but remember, you’re growing and you’ve done the work needed to get to this point. You may feel a bit out of the loop with your cohorts or run into disagreements with loved ones. Try and hold back from over dominating the conversation. You get more out by listening rather than proving meaningless points.


Offer love to yourself, Cancer. These next few weeks will center your bodily and emotional health at the forefront. What you can do now is start making things easier for yourself: organizing workspaces, taking time off from your duties, turning off your phone, etc. You love to help people and the urgency to be the mom friend will certainly run high this week so remember: don’t forget your issues in the mud of others. You still have your own work to do.


Re-visiting past projects may be more than likely this week. Don’t stress over an immediate outcome. Art takes time, its a process after all. These next couple of weeks work towards offering a catharsis for yourself. There is a lot bubbling underneath that will eventually come out in a downpour so be honest with your emotions and most importantly, your anger. You may lose sight of centering on you (so un-leo I know!) so take the initiative to embody your surroundings and the joys you give to yourself.


You may be feeling a bit trapped this week, and it appears to be coming from all sources: family, loved ones, work, etc. The assignment for you this week is to practice integrity and balance. You may not attend to everyone’s needs and most surely, you may fail in certain areas. But its the lessons that will amount to greater success. You are in control of your life and nobody else. You will most likely step on some toes, especially for those in relationships but remember: you are entitled for seeking more than what you are given.


Make sure not to sign any crucial contracts this week. Communication and mental processing may be a bit under the weather so reassess your options and use this time to collect your feelings on paper. With Venus now going direct you’re undergoing your first assignment of integration. Focus on implementing new lifestyle changes. It may be hard in the beginning but forcing good on yourself will eventually lead to good adjustment.


You’ve learned the painful lessons of loss, values, and identity but now its time to give love to yourself. You know what’s valuable to you so start enforcing it. The theme for this week is acceleration. Use this time to devise strategies on how to increase your resources and be more comfortable. You may stumble on new findings.


Don’t let your ego bite you in the ass this week. The universe has in store for you many, fresh and life changing discoveries, but wanting to be proven correct could override all of that. You’ve undergone crucial inner work the last few weeks and now you’re more clear than ever. Don’t waste opportunities but don’t assume the details either. Be open to new ideas and perspectives while also being honest with how much information you’re willing to consume. It’s OK to turn your brain on sleep mode once and a while.


You’re feeling a lot of strange energy right now. It’s ok to be a bit disoriented with the madness that is happening around you. Use this time to realign yourself and focus less on merging with others. Make sure not to blow any secrets as they can be used against you. Intentions of others can go under the radar so rely on your intuition.


It’s time to take big strides, Aquarius. This week may have you re-visiting the question of what contributions have you made and what legacies or values do you want others to take away from. Part of this requires you to decide what matters to you most and what are you willing to fight for. This is also a great time to start networking and shooting for your goals.


You’re all about merging in the form of a higher collective but it may be time to get a bit separative, Pisces. Your identity is going to be responding to Mars for quite some time so now is the time to really alter your life the way you want to. Don’t forget you have agency and are worthy of respect so assert your boundaries and work towards things you deserve. The past can be rather ubiquitous these next few weeks but remember, the past comes back to us for a reason. If you left a relationship or friendship on a bad note now is time to amend the wounds. Clearing the bad energy from your consciousness will make you act with more clarity.

tess lee