Neptune Retrograde and What To Do With It

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art permission given by sionevada

The “retrograde” has often signaled a lot of interest due to the elusive but yet popular mercury retrograde and with popularity comes a lot of inspection—what does a retrograde mean? And what you may be asking: what does it mean specifically for me? The thing is, the question can’t be easily answered, especially when we are dealing with outer planet retrogrades because its not meant to affect us individually. In astrology, we have our luminaries (sun and moon), personal (mercury-mars), and higher octave (uranus-pluto). For me, Jupiter and Saturn are in limbo but that’s a discussion for a different day. Our higher octave, or “generational” planets are meant to be applied to forces beyond us, thats why terminology for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are so deep and complex. The energies of these planets are dealing with structures and truth in its own special way. Uranus’ truth is through collective shifts, Pluto’s truth is through transformation and Neptune’s truth is through isolation. Yes, to work with Neptune it requires introspection, which requires some alone time. We learn more of ourselves when we detach from the materials, from intimacy, possessions, etc. This is where we see that punishment and sacrificial aspect being punched onto Neptune. But by all means do not see this punishment as bad, see it as a necessity for a higher growth. This is not to say you can’t eat your favorite foods or buy your favorite brands but it’s calling to see where you stand separate from the material world. It’s a call for singularity. 


Neptune’s goal is to ultimately be in a higher spiritual octave along with the rest of the world. It wants to spread beauty, compassion and charity within the structures of our world. In order to complete this, in order to complete any spiritual growth it requires an assessment and a strengthening of our inner force. But remember, no matter how scary people make Neptune sound remember this: there is always a good. ALWAYS A GOOD. Can Neptune be deceptive? Yes. It literally rules the house of our enemies but also remember that Neptune is reflective. It likes to reflect the bad, the bad parts of yourself, of our ego, of our world onto us and tells us to sit with it. Reflect on it. 


With Neptune in retrograde, I know an immediate thought is…DREAMS. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR OUR DREAMS? Dreams is an oversimplified part of Neptune. It’s valid. But oversimplified. Remember, that dreams can or cannot be affected but ultimately they might be a bit weird because that is your unconscious trying to speak with you. The goal of the Neptune Retrograde is to integrate with your psyche. To see the structures as nothing more than muddled and really sit with ourselves. The goal is to extend but not over extend. You don’t want to make sacrifices for the wrong reasons. A lot of past wounds will open up, especially with the Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune Grand Trine in Water it just screams “FACE THE MUSIC!” You can’t escape forever and that simply is the message behind Neptune Retrograde. It doesn’t want you to escape, it wants you to sit, grow and then do something about it. This retrograde also calls for sensibility. With Neptune immediately entering into retrograde we received news about the tender age camps, of young children being held captive and its discussions has brought into question to what and where our morals lie, and to extend our compassions toward the situation. But the rx has also brought the question of our structures and how events like this proves that our structures simply don’t matter because it hasn’t done any good for us and this moment, to hold children and infants in confined spaces on top of the many other occurrences such as cop violence, the sympathy of abusers rather than sympathy for victims, show structures haven’t done anything. And this is where everything dissolves and we are pestered with so much bad that it can be a lot to handle. It can be severely unhealthy, especially when bombarded with it. So this is Neptune telling us to retreat and solidify our own inner and moral strength. To get good we have to detach from the bad. We have to see ourselves outside all the messiness of the world. But important note: this doesn’t mean get comfortable. Neptune rx is WORK. Its creating the muscle work needed so we can offer service for the needed. And as I said previously, there is always a light. Neptune rules the 12th house where there is no light so we are focused on our unconscious expression and once we pick up on the emotional nuances, we enter the light—we enter back to our most conscious expression (the ascendant) and we can apply what we learned to what matters most. 


Be patient with Neptune Retrograde because its not easy to master and sometimes, it not all about us. 

tess lee