Mercury is NOT a Joke: Our Biggest Tool for Self Care


art permission given by sionevada


Mercury is our muscle

Mercury is often seen as this rather simple but important planet. We always say its the planet of communication, transportation and basically everything mundane. Having mercury acting out of order calls for A LOT of inconveniences and it can be extremely stressful. But mercury is more than talking or planning. Mercury is always near our sun, in fact it can’t be more than 29 degrees away from the Sun so Mercury has a lot of symbolism to our own core identities. Yes, it’s how we think but it’s also how we motivate ourselves and this is not to say that Mars doesn’t provide that motivational factor for us but mercury is always WORKING; it travels the signs quicker than the other planets, going into the most retrogrades and so Mercury is more than just how we think or talk—it’s our muscle. Mercury is often thought of as our activity. It’s a planet associated with youth and spreading messages so this requires movement but not just bodily movement—its mental movement. These types of movements keep us going whether by creation or discovery but its also a sensitive ground. The activities associated with Mercury are so small but too much exercise of these activities can tire us out. Like I said before, Mercury is a muscle and so over-working your muscles can lead to fatigue and demotivation. So how does all this, and more importantly, how does Mercury factor into self care? Well, let’s first go over my three introductory principles about self care: 


  1. Self care is not the same thing as Survival.
     I noticed a lot of social media conversation about self care being grouped into the same category as survival. We always say “self care isn’t just bubble baths and face masks, it’s survival!” However, this is misleading. Survival is instant, its like tapping into that defense mechanism. When we are sad, we go into immediate shutdown or cry into tears. We need to cry to survive. When we are being called out, we immediately go to the defense. This is our protection instinct fleshing itself out and some of us have been able to overcome this and not completely jump the gun, although that takes work and time. Therefore, when we go through something, usually something unsettling or conflict-related we might turn to anger, we might turn to buying lots of food or completely isolating ourselves from the situation. These are all instinct base. They aren’t necessarily self-care because the core to self care is wellness. Not all of these behaviors are going to ensure long term wellness and in fact, some of these behaviors can be sabotaging and even worsen your conditions. We also simplify self care like having a few cups of water throughout day is categorical “self care” but water..that’s something we need to survive. It is important to distinguish your actions from survival and self care in order to really propel yourself to a ground you can stand on. So what’s self care? Self care is a spectrum: it can be minimal or it can be astronomical. It’s the steps you take to promote your health, both mentally, emotionally, and physically. Cutting out toxicity is a great example of self care. Carrying toxicity only strips you of your energy and produces negativity—you often become run down, agitated, and pessimistic. Cutting out people in your life is very difficult, probably one of the most difficult things we have to do. But its necessary that when practicing self care, you self center yourself. Don’t worry about hurting feelings, worry about doing what you need to do to stabilize yourself.

  2. Self care is personalized.
    Not everyone’s self care is going to be the same, we all go through different situations, and different conditions that call for different methods. Figuring out your OWN self care takes time. However, to get started: think about your moon. Lunar issues are very present and perhaps most tangible (it isn’t your luminary for nothing) because the moon often represents what we need. In ways, the moon can be more survival based than it is self-care but its very comfort dependent. Start your self care with what you NEED.

  3. Self care is not easy
    Duh. But it’s important to know this so you don’t go beating up yourself. It’s ok to have low moments, to f*ck up because remember, we are human and the whole premise of self care is to work!


So….how does Mercury relate to self care? 

Mercury is such an essential tool for self care because it keeps us going. Again, mercury is that muscle in our chart that keeps us active and provides motivation to get out into the world and devour it. Without our mercury we would be lifeless, floating out into the void somewhere. Mercury gives us our interests, particularly the information we seek that we want to give out into the world. It’s also an important identification tool when it comes to health. Knowing where mercury is in your chart as well as what sign is in the sixth house are good stepping blocks to know what possible health problems are on the horizon. It’s also a good place to know where to place your limits. Just knowing when to stop and rest is so crucial for wellness. So here are good self care tools for the signs based on mercury: 


If you are an earth mercury, chances are you may go past your limits. You always want to work, you’re focused on working but putting limits on this work helps store that energy. Break things up, and remove the idea that you have to do everything in one day. Earth mercuries think the world will end if they don’t do a particular task at that given time. Get rid of that mindset. Pace yourself. Calling off work isn’t bad either. 


If you are a water mercury, you may stay inside for a while. This is ultimately going to drain you of motivation. Mercury promotes interaction, which helps flourish new perspectives and new ways of looking at the world. It’s essential for giving us that energy. Water mercuries, you can’t shun yourself from the world and if you happen to have a great friend circle please don’t give your energy out too easy. Water mercuries are known to be go-to friends when others are going through a rough time. Kinda like mini counsellors but remember to put rates on your energy. Giving too much can make you a wasteland. 


If you are an air mercury, you may be all over the place. What are even limits? Air mercuries love to do a million things at once and this causes restless behavior. You may have a good handful of friends but it may be difficult to really think upon these friendships. So you often extend yourself but for what reason? Start thinking about those reasons so you don’t feel scattered, stressed and restless. Implement a good sleeping schedule. As an air mercury myself, sleep is perhaps one of my biggest problem areas and securing a good amount helps greatly with wellness and starting off with a good day. So learn to dedicate to a few areas and let the rest take care of itself. I assure you, they WILL take care of itself. 


If you are a fire mercury, you often lose sight of issues. You can easily get winded up and more than not, you often tap into those survival responses. You’re fire which is very directive and almost primal-like; however, to ensure your wellness you need to take some steps back. Be careful of what you say and learn to be deliberative. Try and curate environments that are not as irritable to you, allowing a space where you can really be creative without much distractions. Removing yourself from spaces that can make you more prone to be combative are healthy spaces. These are spaces where you can really flourish. 


Final Thoughts 

Mercury is often underestimated but remember that it’s a planet that affects everyday life. Knowing your mercury and really sorting out your mercurian issues can be massive tools for your overall wellness. It’s can help with sorting out boundaries and how much you’re willing to give to someone else in exchange. It can help with environments and where you place yourself—knowing which environments are good for you and which are not. And importantly, it helps with your discovery and giving you the energy to do the simple so you can branch off and do the big stuff. 

tess lee