How Can I Understand Air Moons?


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Out of all the questions I receive in my curiouscat or email, one in particular keeps popping up: How can I understand an air moon? They seem soooo complicated? I can tell you from my own experience, living with two air moons in one household is definitely complicated and part of this is because air is not comfortable to the moon. AT ALL. Moon is most delicate in waters, or comfortable in an earthy ground. The commonality is: the moon needs a steadiness. See, the element of air is far from steady, it wants to move, it wants to be elevated and immerse itself practically everywhere. Air is free-flowing and very far from tangibility. This scares the moon because it doesn’t have that comfort and air, in itself, is just so complex. Studying astrology for years I still find myself having difficulty synthesizing air signs or any placement within an air element. It’s just tricky but it requires you to have an openness with it—which is very air-like. So air moons. They require someone around them, even though they may protest an air moon works best having someone there. They are very people-oriented and they have very complex approaches to certain things. Emotions of air moons are often not felt singularly. Meaning, moon signs like Libra and Aquarius often feel emotion from different sources rather than their own being. This creates A LOT of complicatedness. Now, gemini moons are a bit different because they are a personal sign and in astrology, personal signs mean just that—personal; to themselves. Gemini moons can often feel their own being but they try and solve their lunar issues through a mercurian approach: their mind. So, rather than just feeling themselves get upset or sit with the emotion of being upset, they tend to articulate a story around how they feel. This is done to provide some narrative to ground themselves. But sometimes the action of this leads to stress, over thinking and then more stress. Something to equally denote is that air has an affinity to society. It understands the social nuances which allows them to be really great with understanding how people work..which if you know any person, having this skill is a massive responsibility. Very much so, all air moons tend to really fluctuate between emotions and so it’s very funny when people like to point air moons as being emotionless. 

Say it with me: all of us are emotional, thats why we have a moon sign. 

This fluctuation is in part because of two things: 1. The environment that the air moon is situated in and 2. They are internally air therefore, there’s no steadiness whatsoever. The goal of all air moons is to somehow ground themselves and pick apart their emotions and that of the emotions of other people. Now, I won’t say air moons should separate themselves completely from other people because we all need someone to vent to, to understand with, and connect but sometimes we often put these connections above our own wellness. And to air moons: stabilize yourself. Even if its in your nature to be erratic, find ground in the ungrounded.