Your Cancer Full Moon Ritual

gif credit: zolloc

gif credit: zolloc

This full moon cancer is giving us a space to proceed with actions from our hearts. This is a time of empathy, care and creativity. I’ll say this: retreat if you have to. Moon in its domicile can promote vulnerability or “emo” feels but remember, vulnerability doesn’t always equate to extreme crying or an emotional breakdown. Being vulnerable is allowing openness that feels most comfortable to you. 

For this full moon, my ritual is quite easy. I always value simplicity. For one, I’m not heavily embossed in spirituality but I am an advocate for change. This full moon is our last full moon of the year and it’s in retrospect Cancer. The past is gonna take a center point. For this ritual, reflect back onto the year but don’t get too stressed out with details or over process this information. This is a time where you want to be present with your emotions and your body. 

Next, take a piece of paper and pen. Write down attitudes, behaviors, or people that don’t offer any effectiveness in your life. This can be a long list or a very short list—the length is up to you! Next, be honest with yourself. What can you give up? What can you let go of? Not everyone can let go of everything on their list. And that’s OK. If there is something that is doable then take a different color pen and scribble it out. Completely shade over it so you are aware and you make that intention that you will separate yourself from that list item.  

To the things that are not that easy to let go of: make a plan. Again, don’t make this super complicated. Take another piece of paper or make a separate column devoted to an item that is probably the worst and hardest to let go of. Write down three steps that you can take in the next couple of weeks to alleviate it. I say three steps because you don’t want to put too much stress on your mind during this transit. But three steps is enough to give you a sense of direction. 

Then, put the lists away. Don’t look at it until after the full moon. 

Finally, light a candle or an incense. The winter solstice has traditionally been celebrated by those close to us, finding warmth and light during the shortest days of the year. Be thankful you’re here, whether it’s with others or by yourself. Next, repeat this mantra: 

“I will release the responsibility to fix people and situations that don’t concern me. 

I will release ineffective behaviors and attitudes. 

I will release the people and situations that have tainted my personal space. 

I will release the need to explain and validate my actions to others. 

I will embrace love, kindness, and support from those I consider close with. 

I will embrace my emotions, and the tender parts of me. 

I will embrace my body, for it is fragile and the closest to my being. 

I will embrace my soul’s needs and listen to them more often. 

I will embrace my past and allow these events to inform me of the decisions I will make in the future. 

I will embrace and only work towards reciprocity between me and others.”

For the rest of the night, devote time to yourself. Find love in who you are and the people around you. What makes us immobile is self hatred. So for this full moon, be self accepting. And how we do that is curating a personal space that makes us comfortable, and happy. Let your heart guide you. Let your feelings give you an opening to self awareness so you can act. 

Hope this helps and have a blessed full moon my bbies <3

tess lee