Getting a Deeper Look: Sagittarius

photo credits: kotutohum on tumblr (

photo credits: kotutohum on tumblr (

Sagittarius, a sign ruled by Jupiter, encompasses qualities related to higher learning, activism, generosity and wisdom. The perspective of the Sagittarius is quite expansive and most of all, optimistic. The misconception of this optimism; however, is that its manifested as being always happy and cheerful when, in fact, the optimism is more so rooted in Sagittarius’ ability to act and ultimately, change the structures and quality of life around them. The Sagittarius is not going to accept the status quo, especially if it is inflicting harm on other people. This is where the Sagittarius becomes mobilized to do something about it.

How it starts: with an idea. The Sagittarius is a magnificent thinker and is one of the most equipped signs to start conversations related to morals, politics and law because of its ability to think big picture. They also enjoy tackling complex concepts so they can start a forum-like discussion around it. Remember, Sagittarius has an affinity with education and so it enjoys having these philosophical conservations, which can facilitate other people to introduce their own perspectives from different vantage points in society. You can’t get a big picture without considering the diversity of the world around us, so the Sagittarius is very fond of discovering these cultural truths and being welcoming of differences. However, Sagittarius energy is not always going to predispose someone to being an activist or scholar. They may be someone who prefers to live life without limitations, which can manifest in quite polar ways: a glamorous, wealthy lifestyle or a very “alternative” and free lifestyle. We typically don’t associate “grandiose” and “glamour” to Sagittarius usually because it doesn’t represent the aesthetic side of Jupiter quite like Pisces but Sagittarius enjoys conquest and that can equate to power and money. This is where shadow traits can manifest: overindulgence, greediness, and abuse of authority. On the intellectual side of things, Sagittarius can fall into egotistical ways by not accepting other people’s point of views and thus, being dogmatic in their rhetoric. They hold onto their opinions and treat it as fact which can limit the diversity in a conversation and even more so, a movement. The biggest fault is when the Sagittarius enters into a “soap box” moment where they become so passionate and selfish with their views they tend to over express them—to the point where no one cares to listen. Believe it or not, Sagittarius not having an audience for their ideas can be quite unsettling. They rely on sharing, collecting and disseminating these ideas across very long and very big forums. Once you take out the audience the fire starts to burn out. People often talk about Sagittarius as if it isn’t a fire sign, an element fixed on passion and identity. The ways we express that identity is through communication and connection. Imagine taking all of that out: the Sagittarius becomes a dull flicker in the room.

Mercury entering Sagittarius on October 30th is going to reverberate these same messages. Mercury doesn’t like to be in Sagittarius because it prefers the details and the mundane rather than complexity and big ideas. There is a lot of responsibility to share our stories, our experiences, and our truth. This is a time to be quite honest with yourself and the information around you. The media that we will be receiving during this transit can be unsettling (which it already has) but such information will start up meaningful and progressive conversations, and that can bleed into resistance and action. Sagittarius energy is the perfect time to question the laws and ideas that are presented to us as fact. It is even more of a perfect time to listen to other people (and I mean actually listen to other people) and start seeing patterns of each other’s experiences. We normally associate this time as a pleasant and free unbinding time but I would argue that this time is crucial. Don’t be selfish with your causes. Allow yourself to grow and venture into other people’s causes. Be willing to help other people through financial or emotional means. Extend your hand when its needed. And be open to correcting mistakes. This is a great time to revise!

tess lee