Mission Statement: 

I’ve recently been thinking of how I would define “my” astrology. I started to define it as a typical “let me read your birth chart, I’ll tell you everything you need to know” to “let me provide you some advice!” and within the last month it really hit me like a moth in a light: I wanted my astrology to be subversive, I wanted it loud, helpful, pragmatic, but ultimately safe. We are currently in a time of turbulence and to be frank, this turbulence has never left us..it’s just been louder than ever. A lot of us are turning to astrology for answers, for truth, for some guidance that can sweep us up and down the slopes. I wanted my astrology to appeal to the marginalized because the field has been occupied by dominant parties that are in an endless boxing match on who can throw the most jargon —which is why I made astrogrlz. I want it to be relational, where we can understand something so archaic and complicated, like how a mercury retrograde can really shake us but how it can also provide a fruitful space where we can grow and develop better discoveries of the world. I want to provide tools to better our selfcare—how we can use astrology as a silver lining and also a method of introspection. We learn a lot of ourselves from astrology, particularly the conditions we come from, the conditions our family come from, the conditions our friends come from—ultimately, the natal chart expands well beyond us. Astrogrlz is a safe space to everyone who felt like mainstream astrology just wasn’t tailored to them. So, it’s no shocker that most of this content is not going to cater to a heteronormative audience (its still pride month folks!).  This is going to be a space for any lgbt+ people out there, and as a nonbinary lesbian, my content is also gonna provide a space for all the sapphic astrology noobs out there. Let’s destroy the narratives that Venus is something that men look for in women and that mars is what women look for in men because frankly, it’s all bullshit and as society changes so does the way astrology changes. My astrology is also politically and socially driven—its hard not to detach your beliefs from your own practices so yes, I practice what I believe in; therefore, I don’t give any space for racist or abusive people on my platforms. Remember, astrology is political. So let’s work together, let’s heal, let’s provide roads that are often muddled with the mess.