Hello, I’m Tess.

I’m a Florida based astrologer, college student, and writer. I’ve been practicing astrology for 4 years with a concentration on self help technique. I keep my astrology simple, pragmatic, safe, and inclusive. As a queer person, I want my practice to be subversive and politically embossed. As a WMS and POS double major, I believe it is essential to include a decolonial, feminist, and political lens to the work of astrology.

In my practice, I’ve worked with over 200 people, some including celebrities. I offer natal, solar return, transit, and compatibility readings.

I am currently a columnist for a feminist youth collective GRRLPUNCH and a freelance writer trying to survive through neoliberal precarity.

Featured in Cosmopolitan and BravoTv


“If there’s one thing I know nothing about, it’s astrology. I never thought it was anything more than the posts I’d see on Instagram and I definitely didn’t think it was actually based in fact. I knew Tess for a while before asking for a reading, but I was in a place in my life where I needed any sort of guidance I could get. They were so kind and such a sweet person to consult with, and answered everything I asked with so much detail, it’s obvious how much time and thought Tess puts into each client. If I didn’t believe in astrology fully before, I definitely do now! We talked in January, and now in March it’s crazy to see how relevant that reading is to my life now. During my reading was that I’d expand my knowledge and my experiences on a trip and I’m currently on a study abroad program, and Tess also said that during my trip I would meet somebody of importance, possibly romantically… Two weeks into said exchange and I can definitely say that came true. Overall, the whole experience was amazing and I will definitely be talking to Tess in the future whenever I need some guidance, or just a little hope for the future!” - Caroline

“I really loved and appreciated your ability to take the placement or aspect, explain the chart effects, and then explain the effects on life. It was all very tangible throughout the process and you helped me understand not only the big picture but how each facet supplies to that big picture. It was very illuminating and helped focus my energy and mindset!”- Anna

“I’ve followed the astrogrlz twitter account for about a year now, and I love the way she explains astrological concepts, not to mention that her threads resonate with me deeply (I feel attacked 24/7, I love it). The reading was such a wonderful experience, and I learned a lot of things about myself and why I think & act the way I do. I also loved receiving awesome advice from astrogrlz on how to deal with upcoming astro events! I definitely recommend her readings (and already have to a couple of people), it’s honestly a super interesting, eye-opening experience.”- Anonymous

“Tess has constantly stayed true to form when it comes to knowledge and application to real life in chart placements. She created a safe space and expanded on her knowledge so that I could fully understand my chart and how to navigate it. Not many are well versed in transits and is therefore often skipped by others but she had detailed accounts of why things happened and what’s to come wich is a fresh take and very important to know. She took the time to explain questions about my chart and answered every single one. Overall, a very pleasant experience and I’m glad I finally had the opportunity to have my chart read by her as it has provided me with a new outlook on life.”- Sara

“tess is an absolute gift to the astro community!! ive been following them for a couple years and they continuously create some of the greatest content so I felt 100% confidence in purchasing a natal chart reading from them. even then they blew me away with a crazy accurate and in-depth look into my present and future. you can tell right away that they are passionate about what they do and that they take the time to handle every client with utmost care and compassion. you’re guaranteed to end the session with incredibly unique advice tailored to you and ur life experience. if you were considering purchasing a reading from them, i couldn’t recommend it any higher!” - Bri

”I found my natal chart reading from Tess to be incredibly accurate and also impressively specific. I had some very personal concerns that they addressed with a lot of kindness and empathy, which I really appreciated! I am a queer, nonbinary person, and I felt very comfortable knowing that Tess could understand that, and add that perspective to their reading. I also want to add that communication was prompt and professional when I had questions. All in all, I had a great experience working with them, and will be back for more readings.” - Jay

“Tess did a birth chart reading for me and it was impressively accurate! They also promptly answered any questions I had, and clarified things in a respectful, easy-to-follow way. I’ve saved the birth chart reading to my phone because I just keep wanting to read it over and over, and share it with my friends and family! Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase from Tess and would recommend them to others interested in astrology. ️” - Arden